Explained- Google Algorithm Update’s Impact on Content Writing

Impact of core algorithm update on content writing services

As a search engine, Google places a premium on user experience more than anything else. With its March 2024 Algorithm update, it has once again demonstrated the same. The core focus of this update is penalizing low-quality content and manipulative practices.   In fact, 827 websites have been wiped out or deindexed from Google Search […]

Why Your E-Commerce Site Needs Content Writing?

ecommerce content writing for product description

If we go a few years back, an e-commerce company with a visually appealing website and affordable products used to be quite successful. But, because of the competition, companies now have to put in more effort to attract clients. This is where e-commerce content writing comes into the picture. What is e-commerce content writing? Previously, […]

How Does a Content Writing Agency Infuse Emotion in Copy?

how content writing agency add emotion

“When you emotionally connect with your audience, it’s easy to steer them to a desired outcome.” – Neil Patel Emotion is a key trait that differentiates us humans from others. As a top content writing agency, we frequently use the power of motion for multiple purposes. It can tug at the hearts of readers. Emotion […]

Content is King but Quality Rules the Kingdom!

content writing services in India

In the year 1996, a sharp-looking man wrote an article. The essay was published on the Microsoft website. The title of the essay was Content is King. It painted a picture of what the internet would become one day. The man who wrote it was Bill Gates, and the accuracy of this blog is still […]

Selecting the best content writing agency for your needs in 2024: A guide

A savvy content writing agency has a potent tool that really amplifies the connection a brand wants to make with its target audience. It is high-quality content. Such content seeks to offer informative insights and solve crucial problems for readers. This way, it builds trust and credibility with them. Be it blogs or whitepapers, a […]