Android Training in Pune: How It Can Help You

Android technology is evolving at a rapid rate and the only way to keep track of these changing trends is by getting Android training in Pune from institutes that are known for having intensive training programs. Devices containing this exciting technology are being adopted with great success throughout the world, thus providing great career scope for those interested in becoming Android developers.

Getting Familiar with Android Development
The most important skills for this field include Java, C++, Android SDK and more. Although developing Android apps can be done using different technologies, most employers look for developers who utilize Java and Android Studio or Eclipse as their IDE.

Knowledge pertaining to Android SDK is a must for companies looking to move ahead in the industry. Thus, an understanding about layouts and views is essential along with familiarizing yourself with the debugger so that you can easily troubleshoot bugs that may surface when coding the app. Developers should possess the ability to work their own API or a third party API.

Sometimes developers are needed to work on the back-end of a system. This may not be easy, as back-end technologies usually vary a great deal. However, once you have familiarized yourself with the syntax of the language and the architecture of the system with help of a reputed Android training classes in Pune, it won’t take long for you to develop back-end skills.

Scope for Android Developers
Good developers who have hones their skills to perfection have the opportunity to earn a salary beginning at INR120,000 and going all the way up to INR580,000 the moment they have a few years of experience to their credit. Statistics of 2015 show that more than 82% of smartphones that were purchased by people, are Android operated. So given the huge demand that exists for Android devices, there certainly exists immense scope for Android developers in India.

How to Take That First Step?
Being an Android developer means you have to be constantly updated with the changes taking place in this field. While the job may be rewarding, it is also highly challenging especially with newer and more complex trends coming out every day. This is why you need Android training in Pune from Felix-ITs to help you develop the skills to prosper in this line. Having established itself as a place that offers comprehensive training programs, you will certainly be able to hone your skills with the courses offered here thus allowing you to pursue the career of your dreams with no pitfalls.

How Video Stream will Dictate US Politics

The American political arena is gearing up for the upcoming 2016 Presidential elections. Candidatures are in full swing, political events are going on full-fledged, and debates are already underway. It goes without saying that the electoral season happens to be one of the busiest times here in US. This political extravaganza goes on for months with debates, press releases, interviews, and political campaigns on cards each day.

With such highly crucial and hyped political activities being live streamed, there has been a significant change in the history of US politics. Take a look around and you will find live streaming to be a mainstream trend. And there are a couple of reasons responsible for it.

Let’s take a look at the details of the matter.

Reasons behind the popularity of live streaming

Both mobile networks and Smartphone adoption rates have increased. You also cannot forget the dramatic surge in broadband connection subscriptions. The most popular live streaming event was Superbowl 50, as it attracted almost 4-million viewers to the virtual platform. However, the online turn-up for election events will surpass these numbers by huge margins.

So, what is it that makes online video streaming so significant for US politics. Why has it become an integral part of political campaigns and electoral events here in US? Let’s get down to finding the answer.

Decoding the significance

Live streaming works like a magic wand for both politicians as well as journalists. It gives them the opportunity of streaming live events, commentary, electoral speeches, and pre-election campaigns more independently than ever before.

There is a significance of the term independent in this context.

Get back to earlier times and you will surely find the increasing dependence on television networks for featuring electoral campaigns and events. Both politicians and viewers had to rely on TV networks to watch these events.

The benefits

With the rapid emergence of live streaming, candidates will no longer have to rely on television networks for broadcasting their political campaigns.

Viewers and voters on the other end will enjoy direct access to streaming contents without having to depend on the flag-bearers of mainstream media.

Looking for the major trends

With that brief overview of the importance and benefits of live video streaming, let’s move onto the major live streaming trends.

1. The shift towards real-time

Viewers and enthusiasts earlier had to view C-SPAN for viewing and listening to political news and events. Present times have a different story to narrate, as social media channels are taking up the role of broadcasters. From YouTube to Twitter, every social media platform offers instant access to political information.

YouTube has also taken up the leading role by moderating political debate sessions with global partners such as CNN.

That’s all about the general voters and the public. What about the politicians? They are also keeping up with the latest trends, and hence embracing live video streaming technology. Some of the benefits of this technology include:

  I. Greater reach to the youth: Tech savvy young individuals are always hooked onto social media networks. Streaming live campaigns will prove to be great of way of reaching out to them.

  II. Better engagement: The concept of live video streaming will inevitably result in highly engaged press and electorate. Live statements will offer perfect opportunities for debates and rebuttals. The comments of participants will be immortalized. So, there is no going back on words.

2. Streaming options

Live streaming is rapidly transforming the ‘face’ and ‘phase’ of US political scenario. Quite a few well-known politicians are warming up to this concept, and using tools such as Periscope and Meerkat to offer live feeds. And there are dual benefits in this content too.

  • These live streaming tools are helping politicians reach out to a large group of audience.
  • Political trackers and officials will also benefit to a great extent as they will have the opportunity of tracking down opposition’s strategies.

The latest political updates and events will just be a tap away from you. All you need is a Smartphone with a data connection in it. Although the real-time factor will always be there, these live streaming tools will prove to be huge hits.

3. DaCast for political updates

With the emergence of DeCast, there is some magnificent news for enthusiasts. As a plug-and-play streaming video solution, it will offer live streams from political events right at the moment it needs to be propagated.

Just arrange for a stable internet connection, and get your live political video streams running in few minutes with DeCast. Yes, it is that easy, thus ensuring unsurpassed convenience for journalists and politicians.

With a robust and reliable Content Delivery Network, DeCast will offer live video streaming to numerous viewers across the globe.

It’s time to get started

By now, you must be aware of all the requisites involved in live video streaming. Breeze through the checklist, if you wish to know what’s missing. Live video streaming depends on:

  • Video streaming apps such as Periscope or robust video content hosting services like DaCast
  • Reliable internet connection with minimum upload speed of 2-5 Mbps
  • A video camera capable of featuring contents in real-time
  • Hardware encoders

With each of these elements performing their respective jobs, you will get to view the most crucial political events, campaigns, and programs without even visiting the venue in person. Perhaps, live video streaming will continue to earn popularity as one of the most productive resources for engaging, exciting, and h

Uber’s Stance on Increased Passenger Safety Issues in its Cabs

The last few years have seen a host of app-based taxi booking services joining the mainstream trade and offering convenient cab booking services to customers. It has provided an alternative to the unregulated, union-backed, traditional taxi systems, which had become a pain to deal with in the absence of options earlier.

This quick proliferation of cab aggregators and technology based taxi service providers has been both, a boon and a bane for the general community. The number of options has certainly increased, no doubt, which has made choices easy. But all this comes at a price – of passenger safety.

Taxi Booking Services- Tossing out the safety standards?
Uber has provided a uniform and consistent taxi booking service in various cities across the world. Following the footsteps of Uber, several new entrepreneurs developed Uber clone apps for their own taxi booking business. These apps are readily available on the Google play store and iTunes store platforms.

But with the rapid expansion of these cab booking services, we feel that the safety standards have been overlooked to some extent. The past few years have seen an upsurge in the number of cases of frauds, molestations, and assaults on riders by these cab drivers. This has particularly been the case with app-based taxi cab services like Uber and Ola.

Cases reported against Uber drivers have been on a rise. The hired drivers aren’t well behaved either, which further adds to worsening the situation. A number of passengers who’ve been Uber customers in the past have reported cases of alleged snatching or even harassing. To bring such disrepute to a global brand won’t do much good for it and doesn’t suit its standards either.

What has gone wrong?
A business idea, when conceived, can be executed only when the pre-requisites and the industry standards have been met. Not understanding this, whenever an idea is executed without technical know-how and knowledge of the target audience, it is bound to fail. The safety concern with Uber may not exactly suffice in terming it a failure, but this aspect of security while traveling in cabs needs to be addressed seriously.

The company website of Uber, states that the safest ride on the road today is being provided by Uber and how the experts have been constantly engaged in bringing out the best security and safety services into execution. It states that the drivers are well tested and are non-indulgent of crimes. On the contrary, the numbers of taxi cab rapes and assault not only against females but also males have been brought into the daylight and have seen a major number of Uber drivers being accused in them.

This has led to a decline in the number of people e-booking the cab through Uber and various Uber clone apps over safety concerns.

Another issue that the passengers are facing is that though pick up points and drop off stations are pre-decided, and the fare is also fixed prior to the ride, the drivers are reportedly charging beyond the calculated fare and are known to misbehave upon confrontation.

Various Uber clone apps were launched along with the Uber to grab a share of this lucrative market. This cab app for drivers lets the drivers navigate easily and choose the best possible route or the shortest distance with least traffic. But many times this cab app for drivers has been used for singling out on the most secluded spots to execute the crimes.

But at the same time, the navigational access that provides the drivers with the facility of direction-finding reveals their exact location which has helped in solving out many difficult cases.

What needs to be done?
The issue of safety is increasingly being talked about and is a grave need of the hour. We all need our kith and kin safe. With the increasing crime rate in taxi cabs, some serious steps need to be taken to curb this menace. Uber and various other taxi booking services working using Uber clone app, need to work seriously on this front if they want their services to stay away from the punitive action.

The team at Uber has been quite responsive towards the court directives for installing safety measures in their cabs. Recently it was revealed that they had mounted a panic button in their cabs. So whenever a passenger senses any danger or potential harm from the driver, this button can be pressed, and it would send an alert to the nearest local police station.

But again, this would only help if the button remains functional at the time. For a driver who aims to commit a crime may tamper with the button previously itself.

Another issue that was raised by a complainant was that shared riding is a big issue with app-based cab booking services. The shared riding option although pocket-friendly comes with the scare of the type of passengers one may have to share the ride with.

To stay in business and flourish equally well, Uber and various Uber clone apps need to address these safety issues and concerns of the passengers well in time before people absolutely lose faith in their services.

Textuar Communications LLP

Client Business

Texas based web design and Development Company


Information Technology

Business Needs

Better engagement through content

Remove barriers to communication

Keep it interesting for better response to CTA

Content strategy

Interesting blog topics

Smooth flow of words

Proofing in US English

Multiple plagiarism tools check


Better connectivity with customers

Higher web traffic

Mobilize client resources for better business


Content solution to drive market penetration in a demanding B2B segment

Content Development Case Study – March 2015

Summary – Textuar Communications LLP faced an interesting mandate from a Dallas-based client in 2015. In order to increase online visibility, it needed blogs to be developed and posted as part of its marketing campaign. However in addition to being informative, it also needed to assert the client as a technology expert. Textuar collaborated with the client to provide a best-fit content solution that brought web traffic and increased its business value in the B2B segment.

Challenge – The key challenge was to reach out and penetrate into the competitive US market with corporate decision makers as its intended audience. The challenge was not only to engage the busy audience’s attention successfully, but also get them to act on a clear call-to-action once the blog has been read

An additional concern was to develop the brand’s visibility by showcasing the content as a meaningful value add in resolving one or multiple client business problems.

Solution – For Textuar Communications, the catch was to not showcase client’s expertise but demonstrate the value-add the end customers can get by engaging with our client. The blog content solution consisted of the below actions –

  • Sourced interesting topics around the services offered by client.
  • Devised catchy titles that acted as elevator pitch for the blogs.
  • Broke up content into meaningful section.
  • Provided helpful technical tips that conveyed the client’s authority on the subject.
  • Instead of positioning as what the client can do for its customers, the blog centered on what is in it for the customers.
  • Ended with a clear and crisp call-to-action.
  • Devised time-bound strategy on social media distribution to garner better attention online

Benefit – The client blog talks about challenges in web design and modern day trends. It highlights its position as an entity with authority on the web design and web development domain. With its credentials firmly established, the blog then went on to talk about the subject matter that resonated with client’s customers and attracted them to client’s value offerings in its services. In the end the readers were prompted to visit client website to gain better understanding of the client business and thus bring them closer to sales conversion.

Know more about our capabilities in devising high impact content to fulfil your marketing aspirations. Visit us on


Comprehensive Student Portal Launched at the Prestigious Mobile App show Dubai

Dubai International Convention Center saw a flurry of high energy activity during the 2-day Mobile Show Dubai (31-May, 1-June). The international show attracted significant attention from the telecommunications, media, and business segment, all gathered to witness and showcase the incredible progress made by the mobile ecosystem. One such high profile mobile app launch at the event was announced by Delta Education Services – Studious.

Highlights of the app

The mobile app helps in elevating the social engagement and accelerating it in the right direction to bolster the students’ academic choices.

It provides a comprehensive listing of the universities, all at one place

It brings to you the latest trends in academics, music, and events that matter to a teenager’s life.

Its unbiased ratings and reviews from actual students help the students make an informed decision on the choice of educational institution to enroll into.

It also adds the much needed social element as a means to increase user engagement without the fear of disengagement.

It presents a range of student discounts on food, beverages, retail outlets, and books,

With a lively and interactive interface, choosing the right university and academic institution was never as easy as made by the Studious app.

Speaking at the launch, Studious spokesperson said “It is terrific to receive the kind of response Studious has seen at this prestigious event. We are sure that students and their parents will see life-changing benefits with the informative knowledge presented by the app.”

The app elicited sustained interest at the event. The launch at the event is sure to build up a good level of interest in the education technology solutions segment as well as those who are pursuing their studies.

About Studious

Studious is a comprehensive education portal that seeks to bridge the gap between students, their parents, their institutions, and their teachers with future proof technology solutions. It not only helps students align their choice of universities with their preference, but also brings latest trends and happenings in the world of education, music, events, and seminars in form of helpful feeds.

About the Mobile Show Dubai

The Mobile Show Dubai is one of the biggest event to showcase the technology and business solutions developed by various exhibitors operating in the mobile industry. These include chip producers, and experts in technologies like M2M, IOT, and NFC. It also puts forward the disruptive work done by telecommunications solutions providers, device OEMs, and network vendors.

Digitek DFL-800T-289IRT-C Flash Black


Web PD – Digitek DFL-800T-289IRT-C Flash Black is an easy to use flash function device. It captures objects up to 20-30 meters distance when used indoor and 10-15 meters outdoor. It gives you a battery lighting time of 100-1500.

Mobile PD – This black flash Digitek DFL-800T-289IRT-C Flash Black device has an auto and manual zoom function.

Electrolux Elita Plus ET62EPGL-CSH Top Load 6.2 Kg Washing Machine Grey


Web PD – Electrolux Elita Plus ET62EPGL-CSH Top Load 6.2 Kg Washing Machine Grey offers you ten wash programs and up to eight levels of water level selection. The fuzzy logic control and digital display increase its value.

Mobile PD – Top loading makes Electrolux Elita Plus ET62EPGL-CSH Top Load 6.2 Kg Washing Machine convenient.

Prestige Premia GTS-04 Gas Stove Black


Web PD – Create the tastiest culinary delights with Prestige Premia GTS-04 Gas Stove Black. High-powered brass burners ensure swift cooking. Not to forget the separate pan supports that offer optimum convenience while cooking.

Mobile PD – Invest in toughened glass of the Prestige Premia GTS-04 Gas Stove Black from Schott Germany.

Samsung Galaxy J1 Smartphone White


Web PD – Embrace slim-style with the 8.9mm svelte frame of the Samsung Galaxy J1 Smartphone White. The phone comes with a huge PLS screen offering great views from every viewing angle. 5MP camera ensures great snapshots.

Mobile PD – Enjoy your selfie time with the color reproduction features of Samsung Galaxy J1 Smartphone White.

Tax savings

Aweb India provides a wide range of assistance when it comes to tax savings. The services provided by us makes sure that as a client, you do not face any kind of burden in planning or saving tax funds without having to compromise on the growth of funds.

Tax saving is an integral aspect for any individual or company. Aweb India provides the right tax saving solution based on the clients’ needs so that tax burden is kept minimum. All procedures and paperwork are done in compliance with the Government norms. We keep ourselves aligned to various changes in tax laws and rules and mould the best tax saving strategy to help you meet your financial goals easily.

Our Springs Put a Spring to Your Business Growth

Springs find universal application around the globe – from a pen to an aircraft. This component is what powers most of the mechanical and electrical devices and lends amazing resilience and enduring performance. Just like the spring season or the fresh spring water, our products convey an energetic approach and everlasting positivity in client servicing and product delivery. This factor gives us an unbeatable competitive edge in the manufacturing, testing and supply of superior grade springs.

We at Accurate Springs strive to fulfill this industry need with different kinds of springs. Over the years, we have helped many industries achieve their demanding targets through our high-quality, reliable springs. If you need the best quality when it comes to springs, we at Accurate Springs can deliver. Our production capacity caters both domestic / global market requirements.

About Us:

Accurate Springs started off as a partnership firm in the year 1984. It has scaled up by making rapid strides in developing high quality products that quickly found a dedicated client base. We grew to be a private limited company in 1996 in order to better serve our customers and satisfy the substantial market demand

Our present state-of-the-art facility located in SIPCOT Industrial Park – Pillaipakkam, Sriperumpudur the main Industrial / Automobile hub of India. This fully integrated manufacturing facility gives us the perfect platform to propel our business in the right path. We are fully equipped to cater to improved business demand signals from our valued new and existing customers for high performance and customer satisfaction. Our continuous endeavor to push boundaries saw us successfully launch Our Second Production Unit (Unit Il), at Coimbatore in 2004.

We are currently established as one of the industry leaders when it comes to manufacturing high quality springs. Some of the key value proposition that separates us from others include

# ASPL, an ISO/TS 16949-2009 certified company has the capability of manufacturing 0.12mm wire diameter to 8.6mm wire diameter.

# Manufacturing as per the drawing/specifications given by our esteemed customers. we have our skilled professionals who are committed to quality and excellence .

# More than 3 decades of experience, the company has state of the art production for Compression Springs, Conical springs, Tension Springs, Torsion Springs, Double Torsion

# We have imported world renowned machines from Japan, Taiwan, China etc

# We are suppliers to many leading manufacturers of Automobile Industry, Textile Industry , Electrical & Electronics Equipment, Mechanical Equipment, and Office Equipment.

Our Competencies Allow You to Remain Competitive

The tremendous influence of IT implementation on your business is no unknown. However what makes the difference is your choice of enterprise IT services and solutions provider. Prodigan makes an invaluable contribution in letting your business vault over your competition with its enterprise solutions, consulting services and professional managed services. We consider our collaboration with you a success when you are able to gain maximum operational efficiencies without the cost overheads of setting up a dedicated IT team/infrastructure.

Our USPs

  1. Right from conceptualization of an optimal IT infrastructure setup meant exclusively for your business, to its complete implementation and integration with existing systems, the seasoned professionals at Prodigan stay with you at all times.
  2. Our consulting expertise provides unmatched insights into the right fit solutions for highly optimized operational performance.
  3. We also present all-round skills in aligning enterprise-grade infrastructure, security and networking solutions that starts delivering results from day one.
  4. In case you need to harness the prowess of cloud based solutions or engage better with the huge mobile audience, we can help with these future ready technologies.

Connect with us today and know more on how you can go agile with help of Prodigan’s IT proficiencies and give your business a sharp edge


Effective advertising is an integral part of your business branding. The best advertising strategies can catapult your brand beyond competition. With a comprehensive idea of this aspect, A-Pax Media Solutions turns out to be your best partner for targeted advertising solutions. From electronic to print media, we offer strategic advertising across various media channels.

As the pioneers in the media advertising world, A-Pax Media Solutions happens to be the first choice of media partners for end-to-end media production and distribution of effective advertising contents.

Electronic, visual, digital, and print media ranks amongst our core competencies, thus helping us emerge as the frontrunners in the business advertising arena. With in-depth experience and a highly dedicated workforce, we have what it takes to be the leading Advertising agency in Pune.

Our core competencies

In spite of the presence of numerous advertising agencies, we have been successful in carving a distinctive niche for our services. As the leading advertising agency, we offer the following services to our esteemed clients.

Radio programming and advertising: We will conceptualize, design, and create compelling radio ads for your brand. From creating jingles to radio ad programs, the highly skilled advertising professionals at A-Pax Media Solutions will perform each task with expertise and finesse.

Television programs and advertisements: Right from creating product promotion advertisements to TV commercials, we can extend comprehensive advertising support for television. A-Pax Media Solutions is also a highly efficient creator and distributor of corporate films.

Website development: Our targeted web development strategies and projects will help you build a remarkable presence in the virtual arena.

Digital media promotion: With end-to-end digital media production, promotion, and distribution solutions, we will help your brand emerge as the leader in the professional world.

Print Media: We know the importance of a remarkable presence in newspapers, leading dailies, and magazines. Our print media solutions also include brochure printing, newspaper advertising, and magazine publications.

With this extensive service portfolio, A-Pax Media Solutions will undoubtedly qualify as the most reliable Advertising agency in Pune.

About us

Company Profile

Al-Safaa Real Estate Dubai is a prolific real estate agency that has gained significant traction in the property landscape in and around Dubai. We are an end-to-end real estate management company focusing on 360 customer servicing and total transparency in our operations. We have proven our mettle in all aspects of property such as buying, selling, renting, legal and regulatory compliance. This makes Al-Safaa the go-to company for any and every property requirement in Dubai and UAE.

At the heart of our operational and strategic excellence, is a commitment to our customers to provide honest, yet profitable opportunities within the real estate and property management space. We deal in both commercial and residential properties and our scope of expertise spans buying, selling, renting properties. Be it villas, apartments, condos, office space, or factory land, we have a formidable network of buyers and sellers where you are certain to find a property as per your taste and budget preferences.

In addition to leasing of residential and commercial properties, we also offer the below holistic range of services –

Liaison – We liaise between tenants, landlords, property owners and buyers. Our knowledge and proficiency ensures that both parties get a completely satisfying experience when they deal with Al-Safaa.

Facility Management Division – We also enable smooth regulatory maintenance, testing and inspection. This helps us to assure our clients with business continuity within the available properties.

Legal Division – We manage all legal, documentation and notary aspects of the company. Our experienced professionals can also successfully ensure company representation at the Dubai Rent Committee.

The range of service offerings makes us one of the very few companies that deals in end-to-end property and real estate management. Our negotiation skills and deep market knowledge helps us to source the best property deals for our valuable clientele in Dubai. Contact us to know more on how Al-Safaa can be your trusted real estate partner for all-round, rewarding and highly satisfactory property management.

Company History

With booming real estate scenario in Dubai in the late 1990’s, the real estate landscape was majorly disorganized. Property buyers, sellers and landlords couldn’t trust which real estate company was a good fit to satisfactorily meet their real estate requirements in a cost-effective manner. Al-Safaa was formed in 1998 in order to bridge this glaring disconnect, and provide exclusive and targeted services to real estate customers.

With over 16 years of experience in high end property and luxury accommodation and office spaces, Al-Safaa has emerged as the real estate management company of choice in and around Dubai. With focus on meticulous client needs assessment, our strong network is well suited to meet the demanding property needs of 

Angular – You Need it, We Deliver it

Angular has emerged as one of the favorite client-side frameworks to develop rich web and mobile applications. It helps elevate the HTML development experience to assist in building robust applications in a modular way. The open source web application framework eliminates the development hassles associated with creating single-page applications and ensures a cleaner code that has a lesser potential of errors. This results in a faster time-to-market and better project execution.

Get expert assistance for maximum yield

Angular comes with a host of power packed features. However, you need to have the assistance of an experienced angular developer who can understand the intricacies of the framework and extract its full power to benefit your project. This is exactly where the Angular development team at Verangular comes into the picture.

At Verangular we have built a strong team of Angular developers that have proven their mettle on projects across scale, size, and complexity. The applications built by our Angular development services company serves a wide array of specific business requirements for companies in different industry verticals. Be it adopting the MVC architecture of the framework or the smart use of data binding, our team focusses on making the features of this framework to work to your advantage.

What do we offer?

Using AngularJS we can assist to build rich web and mobile applications such as

E-commerce portals

Interactive map applications

Bootstrap framework for UI/UX

Big Data analytics tools

E-learning solutions

Exclusive widgets and themes

Multimedia streaming and sharing apps

Social media platforms

Interactive reporting and dashboard solutions

A key USP at Verangular is the extensive hands-on development experience we have gathered over the last few years. This USP aligns us as your first choice of technology partner for outsourcing your Angular development requirements.

Our development team USP

At Verangular, we are perfectly aligned to handle your Angular development projects. With an in-depth domain knowledge and our endeavor to stay abreast of the latest development in Angular, we aim to deliver highly functional web and mobile applications that scale up with your growth aspirations.

The object oriented client side programming, use of directives to bring down lines of codes, and employing MVC and dependency injection are some of the angular features we use to fast track your application development project towards success.

Take your first step towards meeting your business challenges effectively. Empower your enterprise environment with our Angular solutions. Schedule a quick consultation with us for outsourcing Angular development to the experts at Verangular.

Our Competencies Allow You to Remain Competitive

The tremendous influence of IT implementation on your business is no unknown. However what makes the difference is your choice of enterprise IT services and solutions provider. Prodigan makes an invaluable contribution in letting your business vault over your competition with its enterprise solutions, consulting services and professional managed services. We consider our collaboration with you a success when you are able to gain maximum operational efficiencies without the cost overheads of setting up a dedicated IT team/infrastructure.

Our USPs

  1. Right from conceptualization of an optimal IT infrastructure setup meant exclusively for your business, to its complete implementation and integration with existing systems, the seasoned professionals at Prodigan stay with you at all times.
  2. Our consulting expertise provides unmatched insights into the right fit solutions for highly optimized operational performance.
  3. We also present all-round skills in aligning enterprise-grade infrastructure, security and networking solutions that starts delivering results from day one.
  4. In case you need to harness the prowess of cloud based solutions or engage better with the huge mobile audience, we can help with these future ready technologies.

Connect with us today and know more on how you can go agile with help of Prodigan’s IT proficiencies and give your business a sharp edge.