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Propel your E-commerce Business with the Right Product Descriptions

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In an age where competition is fierce and buyers can avail of comparison before or during shopping, a well-designed product description is what keeps visitors hooked and brings them subtly closer to the sales funnel. At Textuar, we keep in mind the buyer persona and accordingly create product descriptions. For instance for a B2C e-commerce store, the buyers can come from any socio-economic background. Thus we know that we need to keep the content simple yet engrossing.  This attention to details is what helps us create a unique blend of facts and interesting content for product descriptions in India.

Features of Textuar product description writing services

Writing a good product description can significantly enhance the probability of boosting sales by improving the conversion rates for your product pages. And with the teams of the brilliant product description writers at Textuar, you get the best results in terms of enhanced sales.

Cost efficient services: Just like everything that glitters is not gold, not every expensive service is effective. Therefore, Textuar has adopted flexible pricing policy that fits your budget and deliver optimum results.

Teams of dedicated writers: The highly qualified and experienced writers at Textuar devote themselves to create highly tailored content for your product pages. Creating highly engaging product description content backed by sincere research is the forte of the writers at Textuar.

SEO expertise: Search Engine Optimization is one of the most vital elements of product description content writing. Incorporating high search volume relevant keywords in the content without spamming is a great way to earn the online exposure for your product. It enhances the reach of your product pages and improves the conversion rate. Therefore, the writers at Textuar undergo extensive training to achieve expertise at developing search engine friendly product description content.

Trigger conversion: The sole purpose of content writing for ecommerce company is to lure a targeted prospective buyer into visiting your product page with an intention to convert them into a customer by initiating a purchase. And with Textuar you get the highly tailored content that is solely targeted to drive the conversion rate higher.

Improve engagement with potential buyers

Here are some ways in which we generate highly captivating product description content –

  • Keeping the negatives out of the content
  • Highlighting the key USP of the product in crisp manner
  • Keeping the content brief yet complete
  • Ensuring total engagement with the site visitors to help them buy the product online
  • Doing secondary research to populate key features of the product 
  • Optimizing the product description for both –web and mobile
 These factors help us submit all-round, concise, and captivating content to let you optimize your e-commerce assortment. With carefully crafted product descriptions, you can easily help your readers move closer to a purchase.

Why hire Textuar for eCommerce product description content?

Finding the right ecommerce content writer can be a really exhausting and irritating task until and unless you know where to look. At Textuar we intend to put an end to your search for the best ecommerce content creation agency by providing following advantages-

  1. Catchy headline:

The first impression is significant at leaving a powerful impact on the buyer’s psyche. Therefore, the highly qualified writers at Textuar emphasize designing the headlines that convey the positive sentiments for your product amongst the target audience.

  1. Connect with the prospective buyers:

From the relevant information to product specifications, an ideal product description covers everything. Therefore, the product description writers at Textuar pay special attention at crafting the highly enticing content.

Such content induces the need for your product amongst the target audience. The user must find the product description to be relevant, and that’s the goal of the writers at Textuar.

  1. Highlight the product’s benefits:

Any buyer will buy a product only if they find it to be delivering value. And the best way to deliver value is by highlighting the key features and benefits of the product so that the reader can know about the USP of your product and get one step closer towards making the purchase.

Hence, the product description writers at Textuar thoroughly comprehend the value proposition before composing the product description.

  1. Compelling and enticing content:

The product description writers at Textuar incorporate the vocabulary that leads the visitor’s subconscious in the direction of making an impulse purchase.

  1. Adaptive content for the users:

No one likes to read lengthy content, specially while exploring an online shopping site. But at the same time, you cannot miss out on an important information in the wake of keeping the product description short.

Therefore, at Textuar we develop Amazon product description that users can quickly scan based on the bullets and highlights. This is preferred rather than going through the lengthy in-depth content which may turn off the shopper’s enthusiasm.

Connect with our content writers today

Content writing for ecommerce sites is not easy. While the product description needs to be highly accurate, it also needs to be equally engaging. This will help to entice and lure a visitor into initiating an action that can potentially lead them towards making a purchase.

But don’t you worry…

Textuar’s ecommerce content writing services give your product pages the crucial competitive edge. It helps boost the chances of sales conversion along with improving the SERP ranks.

Connect with us today so that shoppers can make informed purchase decision, with the aid of well thought out e-commerce product descriptions.