Explained- Google Algorithm Update’s Impact on Content Writing

Impact of core algorithm update on content writing services

As a search engine, Google places a premium on user experience more than anything else. With its March 2024 Algorithm update, it has once again demonstrated the same. The core focus of this update is penalizing low-quality content and manipulative practices.   In fact, 827 websites have been wiped out or deindexed from Google Search […]

Balancing Act- Tips for Quality and Quantity in Content Writing

quantity versus quality content writing

Quality content is the medium that brings online brands closer to their target customers. But when it comes to creating content, a constant battle rages – Quantity versus Quality. A brand is likely to have these questions for a professional content writing company–     – Do you churn out a steady stream of blog posts […]

Does Google Rank AI Content? Let’s Find Out

AI content Vs human content writers

You may have a query for a content writing agency, “Does Google Rank AI Content?” The answer is that, yes, the search engine ranks the content. But there are some pretty heavy conditions that the content needs to fulfill. Only then will the search engine bot see the content capable of ranking higher on the results […]