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Engage Better with Email Newsletter Content

The email newsletter writing services at Textuar is geared to give momentum to your lead generation and win new business.

Our USP – 

  • At Textuar, we understand that your target audience has a certain expectation from the newsletter – who they are getting it from, when they will get it, and how many times they will get it. We factor in these expectations when developing the email newsletter content. 
  • This way the newsletter has a better open rates and click-through rates.
  • If your design needs enough whitespace for the uncluttered look, then our content will be brief, to the points, and yet crisp- hallmark of an absorbing content, ready to engage your leads and customers.
  • We make sure that click-through rates do not go down, by carrying out a thorough research on various factors around the email newsletter content –
    1) target audience,
    2) style and tone of language,
    3) CTA being discussed
  • Also we spend a bit of time finalizing the content based on the layout of the newsletter.

For us at Textuar, we completely believe in the industry maxim – 90% informational and 10% promotional – for developing email newsletter content writing. This ensures that the emails are clicked open, they are read by your intended audience, and are prompted to act upon the call to action.