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Attract the attention of billions of leads with social media content

social media writing services

With more than a billion people on one single platform – social media, it is critical to swaying their attention towards your brand. This is exactly where Textuar’s crisp, concise, and engaging social media content writing shows its forte. 


Why Textuar – 

  • Experience in sharing your product/services USP in the shortest possible number of words
  • Designing social media content posting editorial calendar
  • Developing catchy headlines that prompt readers to extract your post from their feeds and look at it thoroughly
  • Use of images and videos to enhance the engagement factor
  • Clear call to action to tell the user what to do next

With our social media content services in India, you can reach out to your intended audience with crisp posts that don’t take a lot of time to read, but succeed in generating a lot of impact.

Textuar’s social media content writers in India possess expertise in developing extremely engaging content to lure the social media users to your brand on the following platforms-

  • Facebook:

The audience on the world’s largest social media platform belongs to a broad demographics. Your brand can use compelling social media content to boost website traffic and acquire more customers through FB.

Our social media content writing services revolve around creating highly enticing content for your brand. At the same time, we keep it apt for Facebook’s algorithms.

  • LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is a great B2B marketing platform with accurate targeting based on dynamics like location, job position, work experience, skillset, etc. Harnessing this platform for inbound marketing of your brand will yield great results.

Our social media copywriting services create content optimized for LinkedIn. It not only reaches your targeted audience on LinkedIn but also triggers conversion.

  • Instagram:

Instagram is, hands down, one of the most popular social media platforms amongst the youth, with more than 70% of users aged below 34 years.

The social media writers at Textuar develop highly enticing Insta posts while incorporating the most relevant and high search volume hashtags. This helps to boost the reach of your post and bring more traffic to your website.

  • Twitter:

The microblogging social media platform Twitter now has more than 350 million global users. However, it requires wit to deliver a striking ad message in under 280 characters on Twitter.

Therefore, our proficient social media writing services emphasize developing the best tweets to entice and lure the targeted users to your website.

Features of Textuar’s social media writing services 

There are plural benefits of hiring Textuar to create engaging social media content for your brand.

  • Highly seasoned writers:

Textuar houses a team of proficient writers with years of writing experience and expertise in different industries.

These highly devoted writers guarantee top-notch content that lures social media users into picking your content from the feeds and provoke them into making a desirable action. The social media platforms are very dynamic.

The writers at our content writing company will quickly adapt to the ongoing trends to ensure that they deliver engaging content for the readers.

  • Content tailored to a targeted audience:

Textuar develops a highly customized and tailored social media strategy for your brand by intensely researching the ongoing trends along with target-audience preferences.

The content our writers create consists of high search volume and relevant keywords and hashtags. The content embellished with the right keywords and hashtags boost the reach of your posts and divert a significant amount of traffic to your website.

  • Cost-effective:

Other social media management companies drain out your money in the name of crafting high impact content, and yet your posts fail to reach the maximum number of targeted users and lack the potential to engage the users.

On the other hand, Textuar’s social media  writing services provide you optimized content at very competitive prices and enhance the reach of your posts and bring a lot of user traffic to your website.

  • On-time delivery:

Delivering highly optimized and highly engaging content at the right time is Textuar’s forte. After all, the right content at the right time on the right platform is the key to enhancing the reach of your social media posts.

We make sure that you can utilize this open platform to engage directly with your customers, answer their queries and provide helpful information. This will result in increased loyalty towards your brand, and a better trust factor, since you are dealing with them on a public platform. With our content, you can build a sense of belonging where your audience would like to come back again repeatedly.

Give high-quality content in response to your users’ interest and sustained support, only with Textuar’s social media Writing services.