What are the Elements of a Strong Content Strategy?

content strategy

If you have been working in the content creation field, you may have seen a silent shift. The role of content experts  is undergoing a significant transformation. Earlier, they were primarily seen as content creators. But now, the content writers are stepping into a new role as strategic content partners for businesses. The shift towards […]

How to Use Semantic SEO in Content to Rank Higher?

Semantic SEO in content

SEO webmasters would agree when we say that the world of SEO undergoes rapid updates every few months or so. Take the case of keywords. Keywords have long been the backbone of SEO content. However, an interesting evolution is taking place now. At our content writing agency, we are increasingly witnessing the massive gains unlocked […]

8 Content Writing Trends in 2023 that will Cause a Boom

content writing trends 2023

Kim has been a prolific content writer. As we look forward to welcoming 2023, she is looking to leverage content writing to maximize organic growth for her clients cost-effectively.  But with the ever-changing content writing landscape, it is challenging for her to know which areas to focus on more. After all, narrowing down her focus […]

Helpful Content Update by Google – Things to Know

Google helpful content update

As digital marketers and content writers have seen over the years, every major update to the Google algorithm has led to massive changes to the very foundation of digital marketing. Today we look at the major update of August 2022 – the Google helpful content update. We also assess how it impacts content writing.

How to Align Content with Search Intent – A Guide for Content Writers

content writers for search intent

“What’s all the buzz around search intent?”, is a question asked by many exasperated content writers. As they struggle to adapt to evolving Google algorithm guidelines, search intent seems one of the many concrete ranking signals they need to contend with. This blog will attempt to answer all queries around search intent and what content […]