How to Write the Perfect Whitepaper

Write the Perfect Whitepaper Tips

A whitepaper is a ten-to twelve-page report that portrays a given issue and proposes a particular answer for the issue. It’s usually utilized as a part of government and corporate settings. A standard whitepaper may have the following sections

Interactive content: The future of content marketing

The Future of Content Marketing- Interactive Content

A reader has a short attention span when it comes to reading content online. For a content writing company, the challenge is to stick to a website and have them act on the Call to Action. Imagine a way of having a conversation with your prospective customers that keeps them hooked? Interactive content makes that […]

George Orwell’s Writing Rules

George Orwell writing rules

In a society fast moving from considering writing as a domain of poets, literary writers and novelists, we now see the need for (and a good supply of) content developers coming in to develop business content, to help market a company’s product and help them sell it online. The ultimate challenge that copywriters face today […]