Interactive content: The future of content marketing

The Future of Content Marketing- Interactive Content

A reader has a short attention span when it comes to reading content online. For a content writing company, the challenge is to stick to a website and have them act on the Call to Action. Imagine a way of having a conversation with your prospective customers that keeps them hooked? Interactive content makes that possible!

Why the need for interactive content?

Anyone can get bored of reading huge paragraphs. That’s why content writers and copywriters agree that there’s a new way of businesses to get users to convert into customers for their brand; by making their content user friendly and engaging. If the user gets a chance to participate, it is more likely they show more interest in the products the brand is selling.

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Which type of interactive content is possible?

Given below are the top 4 types of interactive content to boost the marketing goals for a brand:

  1. Product recommender:

    In this mode, the customer answers questions about his preferences, tastes, likes and dislikes and automatically, a product is suggested to him by the server. He may or may not buy the product immediately, but will always remember that there is something that caters specifically to his needs.

E.g. Nykaa cosmetics has a lipstick recommender where the user can input her skin tone and the shade of lipstick she would like to try. The content writer will devise content that will show the different types of products that will suit the user based on the inputs.

  1. Assessment:

    This basically is a way of questioning the user about a specific topic. He can enter his day to day activities like how much sleep does he get, how much water he drinks in order to recommend a service to the customer.

For instance, Kaya skin clinic has a skin assessment on their webpage, which allows the user to provide input about their activities and see if they need their anti aging treatment or not.

  1. Quizzes:

    Nothing grasps a reader’s attention more than quizzes. Probably one of the most interactive way of marketing, quizzes questions the user’s knowledge about a certain activity; then provides tips on how the company’s services can make their lives simpler.

Admito is a good case in point. It has a quiz where a student can take a quiz to see which stream he specializes in and then the website suggests a particular stream and colleges affiliated with the brand.

  1. Opinion Polls and Surveys:

    This is an online questionnaire, where once you have submitted your answers, you can view what others have written. This way the user knows the authenticity of a brand because others have polled too. When it comes to surveys, it simply means the brand is asking the user how they can improve their brand for the future improvement of their product, ensuring that customers repurchase their products.

E.g. The Times of India newspaper uses opinion polls to see what the readers feel about day to day activities and trending topics.

To wrap up

Evidently content curators and content writers need to embrace the power of interactive content. It is the new face of digital marketing. It is the best way to keep data short and relevant and to the point. Although a relatively new concept, it has a bright future in today’s digital generation.

Interactive content is being vouched to be a great draw for a website. It is one of the best ways to ensure brand loyalty of a customer. If a new brand were to adopt this policy, it would really be an effective way of getting the product out in the competitive market with the widest coverage

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