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With immense pressure on digital marketing operations, it makes sense to outsource content writing services. With shrinking margins and brutal competition, many companies see the virtue in not going for an in-house team for content writing. They need not invest in building a team, devising strategy, talent sourcing, interviewing, selection, induction, training, aligning to a manager, and periodic performance review.

All these cost components and many valuable hours can be saved if you decide to outsource content creation services to a professional writing agency like Textuar.

What you can content writing services you can outsource?

A range of content development requirements needs expert writers. You can outsource these types of content writing work while you get to focus better on your overall digital marketing campaigns:

1 – Blog writing

2 – SEO content writing

3 – Article writing

4 – Website content writing

We also do other forms of content development such as case studies, company profile, resumes/CVs and content editing work.

Benefits of outsourcing content writing work

1 – Keyword-rich content with keywords woven seamlessly into the content

2 – Save on the cost of hiring and managing a full-time writer by outsourcing this function to us

3 – Prompt delivery as per SLA and total adherence to NDA clauses

4 – Totally white-label content writing, where you will be given the credit as the author for a particular piece of content

5 – Get periodic reports to gauge the efficiency and profitability of going for content writing services from Textuar

6 – Get more time and hours to focus on other aspects of digital marketing like SEO keyword research, AdSense budget management, PPC management, and tracking efficacy of the entire campaign. Leave the hassles of getting high quality, high volume content on time, to us at Textuar

Why Textuar when you outsource content writing services?

1 – Better skill

At Textuar, this is what we do day in and day out. Hence, we can safely say that we have achieved a certain level of proficiency that adds immense value to your digital marketing campaigns.

2 – Total flexibility

We can scale up/ down the capacity depending on your specific requirement, without you having to look at other options. We can also operate as per your preferred engagement model. This level of flexibility makes Textuar a content development company of choice for your needs.

3 – Persuasive writing

Our copywriting company knows the art of subtle persuasion. Be it SEO articles, blog writing, or website content writing, you can get words to work for you in the form of a persuasive copy that doesn’t look pushy.

4 – Diverse experience

We have served several verticals like healthcare, IT, Big Data, IoT, BFSI, travel, and e-commerce. This makes us a great team to work with if you need to outsource content writing services.

Discuss your requirement

Our team at Textuar will be happy to participate in specific project level discussion. Do connect with us and let us know your requirement to outsource writing services.