Writing a Blog Post – Start Simple, Be Effective

writing a blog post

In this era of content boom, nearly everyone has emerged as a content publisher. After all, even a 10th grade student can create content, so everybody can do it, right? Wrong! Content can be created by everyone. However great content cannot be developed by everyone. What you need is professional expertise in blog post writing […]

Business Blogs – Make it Your Customer Acquisition Mantra

  Digital marketing has gained significant traction over the last 7-8 years. This growth is mainly fuelled by quality content. One form of engaging with customers through content is by developing business blogs. Business websites usually have a dedicated blog page that aims to drive customer engagement through helpful content that seeks to resolve a […]

Ways to Boost SEO in Business with Blogging

Boost SEO in Business with Blogging

SEO friendly content has been the cornerstone that helps entrepreneurs and marketing managers interact with Google in order to make their business discoverable. If done right, SEO friendly content finds appeal with both people and Google. However most businesses aren’t able to get it right when catering to two totally separate niches. This is precisely […]