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writing a blog post

In this era of content boom, nearly everyone has emerged as a content publisher. After all, even a 10th grade student can create content, so everybody can do it, right?


Content can be created by everyone. However great content cannot be developed by everyone. What you need is professional expertise in blog post writing that transcend beyond words to offer the below benefits:

  1. Readers get to know your business better
  2. It aids comprehension in a free flowing verbatim tailor made for a specific target audience
  3. It helps your business to engage better with your customers

Wow! Can all this enabled with just written words?

Yes, it has been proven that smartly developed content targeted at a specific audience niche can aid in your overall marketing campaign. B2B copywriters and content marketers find this to be a highly differentiating factor when executing their marketing campaigns.

With some experience and these handy tips, you too can get professional grade content writing developed for your clients that engages and assists in sales conversion. Let’s look at them.

Ditch your old-school approach

As children, our school education content were designed more towards a Q&A mode. However in a blog, it is necessary to have a conversation.

– There is nothing more irritating than writers speaking at you,

– There is nothing more appealing than writers speaking to you.

That’s what differentiates a content from a great content.

Know your blog

It is a good idea to clearly determine a topic that you will write on. Next it will be good to have a rough outline to present your blog post in a smooth flow.

My personal advice: Construct the introduction and the conclusion first and then move to the body of the content. This ensures that we end up answering/resolving a problem/topic we started with.

Your headline

You can have great content in the body but if the headline or title is not attention grabbing then who will care to move to the body of the content? Hence your heading should be the most effective weapon in your content writing arsenal. Check out this CopyBlogger post for more tips on this point.

Your keywords

These are the building blocks that help the right content to meet the right set of readers. After all that is what blogging is all about right?

…to get max visibility…

With keywords, it becomes possible for your readers to discover your business via search engines before your competitors. If you aren’t sure of your business’ keyword, do try out Overture Keyword tool for the basics, and SEO Book Keyword Tool for more advanced keyword optimization capabilities. Read up more on keywords and its value extraction in content writing with help of HubSpot’s enlightening article.   

Do write in to us and let us know your thoughts which of these tips will you focus on for content writing in your next blog post.

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About the author

Hanif Hasan is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Textuar Communications LLP. He specializes in helping client businesses to communicate with their intended audience, by crafting the right message conveyed in a purpose-driven manner. He helps companies and marketing teams target their customers better by connecting with them in an appealing and engaging way.

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