Ways to Boost SEO in Business with Blogging

Boost SEO in Business with Blogging

SEO friendly content has been the cornerstone that helps entrepreneurs and marketing managers interact with Google in order to make their business discoverable. If done right, SEO friendly content finds appeal with both people and Google. However most businesses aren’t able to get it right when catering to two totally separate niches. This is precisely where business blogging comes in.

Blogging for success

Blogs help a business achieve three key outcomes –

  1. Helps portray yourself as an industry authority
  2. Helps connect with your customers with helpful information
  3. Helps keep your site fresh and relevant

You would recognize the influence blogs hold over by achieving these outcomes. This explains the importance of blogging for business. However writing blogs to attract the attention needs to adhere to SEO guidelines.

Why is SEO needed for business blogging?

Imagine a company whose blog is very well constructed. But if it comes on the 4th or 5th page of search query results, how many will actually read it? That’s why blogs that factor in SEO guidelines are the ones that have the best chances of boosting business. If you want to know how to improve SEO with blogging, here are a few handy tips–

  • Fresh content – It is true that frequent change to Google search algorithm has left many confused and clear. But with the Hummingbird update, the message was loud and clear – keep your content fresh and meaningful or pay the price. Be it keyword stuffing or using irrelevant content that doesn’t add any value for readers, meaningless content will pull your rankings down even further
  • Keywords   – To continue in the same vein, the age of cramming keywords is behind us if you aim to use blogging to improve your business. With emphasis laid on keyword proximity and keyword prominence, Google still factors in meaningful content when blogging for business. Make sure your blog uses keyword judiciously and nevermore than 2% – 3% keyword density.
  • Social media sharing – For Google, every social media post carries the same weightage as a new page for the business. Thus more social media posts, comments and likes will garner better ranking and thus improve your business visibility. Do make sure that your blog has social media sharing buttons at the end for easy sharing.
  • Hope these pointers help you achieve maximum results from blogging for business. Write in to us and let us know if any other point can be applicable. Ready to supercharge your business’s SEO? Discover effective strategies as discussed above. Elevate your online presence with insights that drive results. For top-notch blog writing services, partner with Textuar. Ignite your SEO journey with our expertly crafted content – check out our services now

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