Content is King but Quality Rules the Kingdom!

content writing services in India

In the year 1996, a sharp-looking man wrote an article. The essay was published on the Microsoft website. The title of the essay was Content is King. It painted a picture of what the internet would become one day. The man who wrote it was Bill Gates, and the accuracy of this blog is still […]

How To Build A Content Strategy Exclusively for Startups?

content marketing strategy for startups

The current market scenario, for new as well as existing products or services, is brutally competitive. There are innumerable players in the game trying to seize every single opportunity to enhance market share. Therefore, as a startup, you need tools to help your business survive in such a landscape. And a high-performance content strategy for […]

Ways to Boost SEO in Business with Blogging

Boost SEO in Business with Blogging

SEO friendly content has been the cornerstone that helps entrepreneurs and marketing managers interact with Google in order to make their business discoverable. If done right, SEO friendly content finds appeal with both people and Google. However most businesses aren’t able to get it right when catering to two totally separate niches. This is precisely […]