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In the year 1996, a sharp-looking man wrote an article. The essay was published on the Microsoft website. The title of the essay was Content is King. It painted a picture of what the internet would become one day.

The man who wrote it was Bill Gates, and the accuracy of this blog is still spooky to some. While many people then believed that the internet was just a fad for nerds. There were people like Gates who knew the power behind it.

Although a lot about the internet has changed, one thing remains constant. And that is why content marketing is the king. But one question that might pop into your mind is how can I leverage it?

The importance of good quality content by Content Writing Services India

It’s really important to have content that brings in more money than it costs today. If we don’t have this kind of content, we can’t have social media, blogs, websites, or pages where people land after clicking on ads, email marketing, or online classes.

Content is like money on the internet. It’s how we talk, share things, convince people, teach them, and sell stuff. We can’t share ideas or do business online if we don’t have good content.

  • Good content helps a business become friends with its customers and keeps them returning.
  • Having good content makes sure that people recognize your brand and trust it.
  • Content is a great way to teach people about new or hard things.

 The growth of quality content

Over the last twenty years, there has been a big change in how we make online content. Companies need to understand this change so they can make good content.

In the old days of the internet, it was all about making lots of content. Companies that made the most were seen as the best.

Those successful companies were like content factories. They made many articles every week and put them all over the internet. But the problem was it wasn’t very good.

Back then, you could write a short blog post with the same word repeated many times, and Google would like it. But now, Google sees that as spam and will penalize you.

As the internet has grown and Google has gotten smarter, the rules for making content have changed. You can’t just trick Google anymore.

The hard part for many companies is figuring out how to make good digital marketing content. Do not worry we can help!

 How to create SEO friendly and good quality content

 1- Understand your audience 

When the content is of good quality it is relevant. And to produce such content that has a positive impact on your brand initiatives you should know your TG. Studying your audience isn’t a quick task you can finish in one afternoon and tick off your list. It’s like a long-term commitment where you must stay updated with what’s happening in the market over time.

However, you can start understanding your audience better by trying out some of these steps:

  1.  Look at your analytics. You can employ tools like Google Analytics, Facebook, or email marketing dashboards to find customer information.
  2. Pay attention to social media. There are tools that help you see when people talk about your brand or products online.
  3. Ask for feedback. You can directly ask customers what they think through surveys, testimonials, or focus groups.
  4. Detailed insights are important. With data, you can create profiles of your audience called personas.

Audience personas are like short documents that describe who your different types of customers are. You might need to guess a bit, but the idea is that you understand your customers well enough to describe them accurately.

Once you’ve made profiles of your audience, your main aim is to write content as if you’re talking directly to these people.

2– Know the right keywords

Using too many keywords in your content isn’t a good idea anymore. But keywords are still important. To make good content that also works well for search engines, you need to focus on the right ones.

You can find keywords using different tools, some are free and some you have to pay for. But the most important thing isn’t just which tool you use. It’s about knowing how to choose keywords that matter to the people you want to reach.

Some marketers think they should only target keywords that lots of people search for. For example, if there are two keywords and the first one has 27,000 searches a month, they might think that’s the best one. But that’s not always true.

Search volume matters, but you need to look at the bigger picture. You also need to think about how hard it is to rank for those keywords. Digital marketing is built around long-tail keywords that are natural.

 3- Planning is essential for content writing services in India

The next thing to do is make a plan for your content. You can’t just randomly put up blog posts and hope for the best. You need a plan.

One excellent and easy content plan is called the “pillar page approach.” With this method, you create two or three perfect, detailed pieces about important topics that your audience cares about. (If you have three different types of readers, you should have at least one important piece for each type.)

These important pieces become the main focus of your content. You work hard to get other websites to link back to these pages, you share them on social media, and everything you do is to get more links to these essential pieces.

These pillar pages are then divided into smaller topical pages. Each topical page links back to the pillar page (and vice versa). Thus, when your pillar pages generate traffic and improve their search rankings, your other pages benefit from proximity.

 4- Deep dive 

A lot of stuff you see online is just basic and not very useful. It’s like copies of copies, with not much originality. Good digital marketing involves going deeper and providing detailed content.

When it comes to digital marketing content it goes in depth. While it doesn’t have a specific word count, it usually means within 1000-2500 words.

Try not to write lengthy paragraphs just to add content, but ensure you have covered everything adequately.

To conclude 

One of the hardest things about creating good content is making a lot of it. A lot of companies out there struggle to do so. But do not fret, there are content writing services India like us who can help. We create quality content that speaks to your audience. Call us now!

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