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Our Resume Writing Services Is Your Elevator Pitch for Success

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A personal profile, CV, or resume is a reflection of who you are. Get it prepared professionally with the help of Textuar’s dedicated CV writers. We specialize in crafting a distinct personality for your professional needs. Be it for landing your next job, or showcasing your skills on social media, our resume writers deliver the knockout punch to take you much ahead of your competition.

Let Our Resume Writing Drive your Career Achievement

Our affordable resume writing service ensures that your application stands out from the crowd of CVs that land the HR desk at your targeted company.

  • We strive to win the attention of potential employers by showcasing your skills in the right way.
  • We customize the CV content based on the industry vertical you are applying to.
  • Our writers first seek to understand your objective and then devise the most appropriate resume in a format and tone that helps you meet that objective.

    Our Resume Writing Services at a glance

    • LinkedIn Profile geared for high visibility
    • Professionally written resume and cover letter that scores high on value and visibility
    • Targeted follow-up letters and thank-you mails

The unique value proposition of Textuar’s Resume Writing services-

Writing a resume isn’t an easy job. But with Textuar’s resume writing services, you get the ideal resume that keeps your chances high in a competitive job market. Our CV writing services enhances your chances of fetching a job effortlessly. The resume writers at Textuar have ample experience in creating an impactful resume.

Here are key features of our resume writing services-

  • Professional quality resume

Textuar provides the best resume writing services in India. We have helped many job seekers get an advantage with the help of well-articulated two pages of resume that jot down highlights of their academic and work life.

Our highly proficient resume writers have written tons of professional resumes that have helped individuals successfully hunt for their dream jobs. Our experts comprehend what the relative industries look for in a resume and create the resume accordingly.

  • Highlight your strengths

The sole purpose of our professional resume writing services is to portray your core and professional strengths in front of recruiters.

And how do we do it?

By connecting with you to better understand the types of job you seek, your past experiences, the key features of your personality. These dynamics help us to create a resume that resonates with your personality and simultaneously matches the interviewer’s requirements.

  • Free of errors

You can easily find many freelance resume writers online, but you cannot trust them with creating a top-notch resume for your profile.

Why? Because the majority of them lack experience and tend to make a lot of mistakes that may degrade your professional reputation in front of the interviewer.

But that is not the case with Textuar’s resume and CV writing services. We intricately observe your needs and carefully draft the resume to accentuate your professionalism.

  • 100% customizable:

The job requirements and skillsets differ from industry to industry and job to job. Therefore, we pay a lot of attention to understanding the focal points that the industry seeks in its potential employee.

It enables us to produce a highly customized resume for you that leaves a striking impact on the recruiters and improves your chance of getting the dream job.

  • Prompt services:

Unlike any ordinary resume writing company, Textuar does not believe in procrastinating  resume creation and delivery under the pretext of creating quality content.

Instead, we employ highly agile tactics to comprehend clients’ needs and create the resume in the shortest possible time to provide prompt services.

  • Creative designs:

Gone are the days of conventional resume writing. With evolving times and the needs of the industries, the resume these days tend to deliver the complete professional overview of your career. It is no longer the mere tabulation of your educational qualification and past work experience.

Hence, our CV writers employ the best practices to develop excellent resume designs and resume cover letters that substantiate your professional credibility.

  • LinkedIn Profile Writing:

LinkedIn is your online gateway to professional networking and corporate opportunities. We help harness the powerful online platform to connect companies and job aspirants around the world.

Our LinkedIn Profile writers know that businesses and job aspirants can check out each other’s profiles and pick the ones best suited for them.

As such, it becomes pertinent for you to have an impressive LinkedIn profile with a high reach. And with Textuar, you get the best writers to write your linked profile.

How do we create your resume?

The mechanism that we follow to create an enticing resume is very fundamental and effective. Here’s how we create your resume-

  • Upload details: The process is straightforward. Simply upload your details and relevant document through a convenient channel.
  • We scrutinize your needs: We analyze your details and get in touch with you to have a comprehensive overview of your expectations with the resume.
  • Create a draft: Next, we create a draft copy of your resume and send it to you to recommend updates if needed.
  • Final delivery: Once we are done incorporating the recommended changes, we create the final copy of your resume and hand it over to you.

Interested in elevating your digital profile? Do make sure to connect with us for your resume writing requirement.