How to Make a Resume that Beats the Recession?

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The recession sparked by the current Coronavirus pandemic is hands-down, the toughest time to find employment. This is because when you are trying to find a secure job, there are thousands of other people vying for the same positions. This means that you are not only facing competition with the other applicants but are also trying to fit it within the limitation of vacancies available.

CMIE had reported in May that a whopping 27 million youth between 20 to 30 years have lost their jobs in April 2020 due to the nationwide lockdown implemented to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

Recession need not lead to depression

But let’s not get stressed, recession doesn’t mean you will never get hired. Instead, you will have to work a bit harder to secure your position. This will let you gain a visibility edge over other candidates.

For starters, you can increase your chances of being hired by creating an exceptional recession-proof resume from experienced CV writers.  This is helpful because as we know, no one wants to step in unprepared to face the worst-case scenario.

Here in this blog post, we will talk more about what a recession-proof resume is and how you can make one, just stay roped in.

resume writing services

What is a recession-proof resume?

Specialists in resume writing act as a catalyst to help you to get hired under tough economic conditions such as the one going around in the present dark times. It can provide the recruiter with all of your necessary skills and strongest qualities as a professional without making the whole CV wordy.

Many resume writing companies have trained CV writers who are aware of market trends. They mix and match your qualities with their writing skills and create a custom resume that fits right with your working industry and makes you almost immune to the conditions of the recession. Thus, helping you to find the quality job even when the market is virtually crashing.

Five tips for creating a recession-proof resume? 

1- Know your industry well:

The first step to creating a recession-proof resume is by understanding the type of industry you will be working with. You will have to gain knowledge and information about the latest trends in the market.

Make sure that your resume is packed with the skill sets they want. You can also understand the ways in which you can broaden your knowledge to make yourself employable. You can even get some courses/certifications to add weightage to your resume.

Companies nowadays are searching for candidates who can offer greater job security and flexibility. Professional resume writers will highlight the point that you are proficient at handling various assignments and multi-tasking.

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2- Look for the customized objective:

To be honest, the recruiters will actually do not care about your passion and interest. Rather, they would be more interested to see what you can offer to the company.

As a matter of fact, make sure to highlight your accomplishments via expert CV writers. Professional resume writers have greater knowledge on this trick. They will utilize job-specific keywords and phrases found in the job posting. This will directly display to the recruiters that you are indeed an ideal match for the position they are looking for. This way, recruiters can understand your capabilities and past accomplishments.

3- Highlight your experience and skills:

Many organizations are looking for individuals who possess both technical and soft skills. This means that your job responsibilities may keep on changing from time to time. In such stances, your inherited skills will come in handy during the transitions.

Highlight such sets of skills because they represent your working habit and provide solutions to the employer’s problems.

Take time to list your duties in action-oriented phrases and mention at least one of your accomplishments. Also, highlight the special training and programs that you might have undergone. This will showcase that you have an edge over other candidates.

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4- Think from the perspective of success:

We have seen many candidates who jot down a general summary of their professional background. First of all, such resumes aren’t professional. Secondly, they do not stand out in providing a good indication of your knowledge, skills, and expertise.

You will have to start thinking from the perspective of success if you want to get considered seriously. Make sure to revisit the successful moments of your career. Then, list every specific accomplishment from projects to awards. This way, you can directly prove to your employer that you are capable of making similar progress with their company too.

5- Avoid being extra loud:

Since it is the time of recession, if you create a resume that overexerts your strength and accomplishments, then your employer may find your candidature to be too expensive to afford. Not every company can afford to overpay at such times; thus, highlighting skills and achievements that are flexible on salary terms is important.

Subsequently, do not quote your salary expectations upfront; rather, wait for the employer to discuss the salary details. Moreover, always keep your salary expectation in ranges and not the precise figure because if you secure the job at a company you desire, there is always a chance of receiving increments down the line.

Bottom line

When it comes to the employment market, the fluctuation is frequent, so as a job seeker, you must always be prepared and focused. And since there are so many qualified candidates applying simultaneously, it can become tough to land a job you desire. However, a well-drafted resume made by professional CV writers using these five points have a better chance of securing you the title.

If you feel that you are not quite versed in using terms and phrases while drafting your resume, then you can always seek help from CV writing services like Textuar Communications. We can help the recruiters interpret both your educational knowledge and skills through your CV.

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