How a Blog Writer can Improve the Content’s Credibility

Improve Credibility of Blog Writing

An online content reader has a typical reading behaviour – they first scan through the blog content. Then, if it appeals to their sensibilities, they move to read the blog word by word. This transition from scanning to actual reading is phenomenally challenging for a blog writer. And one secret ingredient helps in this transition […]

Why Blog Writing Companies Use Active Voice in Content?

Why Professional Blog Writing Companies Use Active Voice in Writing

Often, you might have heard professional blog writing companies say that the active voice is the hero of the English language. They believe that passive voice tends to be the reason for a drop in readability. Hence, it is best to stick to active voice when writing SEO-optimized content.

How to Get the Best Long-Tail Keywords for Your Next Blog?

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Just the other day, I searched for “Which is the best laptop to buy under Rs. 30000 in India in 2021”. As a marketer with expertise in blog writing services, it got me thinking. “Will I get apt results for such a long keyword?”  But surprisingly, I got 7 million results! And all of them […]

How to Use Readability in Blog Writing to Boost SEO Ranking?

readability in blog writing

Readability is an important factor in blog writing success. It denotes how easy to read a blog is. People tend to overlook the readability of their content. Bloggers or content marketers try to optimise various elements like keyword density and meta tags. They may focus on image alt tags and various on-page SEO techniques. However, […]

Consistent Blog Writing with Very Little Time – What are the Tips?

Blog writing in quick time

Blog writing has emerged as a powerful digital marketing tool to score on search engine results pages (SERPs) and gain the target audience’s trust. It can be used to build a client base and enhance visibility. Many companies hire content writing agencies that offer blog writing services as every website needs fresh and updated content […]