Blog writing in quick time

Consistent Blog Writing with Very Little Time – What are the Tips?

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Blog writing has emerged as a powerful digital marketing tool to score on search engine results pages (SERPs) and gain the target audience’s trust. It can be used to build a client base and enhance visibility.

Many companies hire content agencies that offer blog writing services as every website needs fresh and updated materials that are regularly posted on the site.

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When a blog is made public, it is accessible to a larger group of people, and it gains visibility in the search engine result pages. This USP is beneficial when building an online market or business. It is essential to upgrade the website with fresh and new blogs constantly. This helps to keep the business growing and attract more audiences and views to the website.

Blog writing in quick time

The importance of time in blog writing, checking, and publishing


It is challenging to come up with a precise blog draft in minimal time. Right from in-depth research on what the client wants to read to its polishing and proofreading, it is vital to get a lot of stuff done on a blog before businesses make it available for public consumption.

Here are a few things one can try to make their blog more effective and consistently in limited time.


1 – Consistently does not mean daily

Being consistent in blogging does not mean that one needs to blog daily; one needs to give the viewer sufficient time to read till the next blog. To post a blog once a week or a month seems to be a good time. This duration is better than overwhelming the audience with one post after the other.


2 – Prepare a Plan Before the Blog Writing

Take some time off and think about what exactly he/she wants to write about in the blog, keeping that in mind here are a few things that can help in forming and articulating those thoughts.

a – Bring those collective ideas together

Do something relaxing and jot down the ideas that flow across his/her mind. In a time constraint situation, it may feel stressful to think clearly, so make sure to time oneself and keep aside 20 minutes to let his/her mind do the work.

Many times blog writers feel congested in their thoughts and are unable to think anything new and creative. Hence, prepare a book or draw on a sheet all the ideas and the thoughts that could be the potential next blog writing project.

b – The Planning Phase of Blog Writing

Pick a few ideas and keep track of time while planning further steps. Take 20 minutes to formulate a structure, introduction, body, and conclusion. Think about what materials can be put in these sections.

c – Prepare a Mold for the Blog

It is essential to create an outline of the blog before diving right in. Make a note of the topics that will be covered when writing the blog, how the flow should be, any examples that need to be included or links, and so on.


3 – Let’s Start Writing the Blog

After the planning and preparation are done, start writing. Let the thoughts flow and write whatever comes in your mind. This step will help to prepare a draft. Such a draft is necessary so that you can assess the work and make the required changes. It allows the ideas to get into a more concrete structure. And because it is raw, it is called a draft, giving the writer an opportunity to make modifications before the final document.


4 – Proofreading and Editing

This part is inevitable. It is mandatory to read and re-read any document before publishing. No one likes to read a blog that has grammatical or spelling errors. Hence, proofreading and editing are critical. He/she can take the help of a friend for proofreading or hire a service that can ask an expert to do the same.

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5 – Prepare a timesheet

The timesheet helps to monitor progress and also know the time gap of the blogs and article published. It is an excellent way of spacing work and giving breaks between each blog. This step will also help in experimenting with different types of blogs and not repeat the same format in every publication.


6 – Use Creative Templates

Though many people think that templates do not have an impact on the viewers, but it is the other way round. A creative template brings out a different appeal to the blog making it more catchy to the eye and attracting more audience.


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7 – Recreate and Recycle the Old Blogs

Creating an entirely new blog can be time-consuming and challenging. It takes time to explore new topics to write about. It also needs investment in researching about the same.

Instead, taking the old blog and upgrading it with new information and changing the format seems like a more convenient option. And it sure saves a lot of time.


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Many blog writing service provider can assist in providing fresh and new blogs in a constrain frame of time. It allows one to concentrate better in the business while allotting tasks to different people with a guarantee of getting good and effective results.

The points mentioned above will help anyone who is looking for effective and regular blog writing without compromising on the quality of their writing.


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