How to Get the Best Long-Tail Keywords for Your Next Blog?

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Just the other day, I searched for “Which is the best laptop to buy under Rs. 30000 in India in 2021”. As a marketer with expertise in blog writing services, it got me thinking. “Will I get apt results for such a long keyword?” 

But surprisingly, I got 7 million results! And all of them precisely answered my specific query without digressing into unnecessary stuff on the search results page. 

The outcome – I got my answer and bought a laptop online after my research.

This is the power of such long keywords.

Let’s cover this example again.

Short tail query – “Best laptops” shows 447 million results.

Long-tail query- “best laptop to buy under Rs. 30000 in India in 2021” shows 7 million results.

As users, we see how much clearer the results are when we type long queries. 


Users no longer type a single word for their search. Now they may use long terms, three to four words, or a phrase to arrive at the right page. It is here that a long-tail keyword makes an entry. So, it’s time you shifted your focus on developing long-tail keywords. 

Reasons to focus on long-tail keywords in blog  

The 2017 Hummingbird update places emphasis on contextual search. This is driven by longer keyword, also known as long-tail keywords. Its usage enables Google to index your page for such queries and reward your blog content with a higher SERP ranking. Plus, it makes the site visitors happy as they get the information they want.    

Here are some more reasons for you to shift focus on long-tail keywords. 

1 – Intent to search 

As per studies, most searches use long keywords and are not limited to one or two words. If you need answers, you have a question in mind, and queries are longer. So, the answers are right. 

You have to look upon a search as the users do, with a specific focus. 

2 – Better conversion rates 

We know SEO  helps in many ways, but sales have to be the ultimate goal. Bringing more people to your website is the sure way to get new leads that may become customers. And long-tail keywords help lead to the prospects. 

3 – Blog writing services use it to achieve first page ranking 

Long-tail keywords can easily help you get the top rank on the search results. How? Each keyword is specific to the need of some users. It is the best way for you to market your wares to be found in the searches. 

4 – SEO Optimization with semantic search 

Long-tail keywords help with semantic search. Everyone today uses voice search, where long-tail keywords prevail, so its time mot cash in on the trend. 

This perhaps explains why 70% of all web searches are long-tail keywords 

blog writing services

How to identify long-tail keywords while developing content for a blog post?

1 – Explore Google Analytics 

The use of analytics is the best way to know if visitors are being directed to your site or not. Go to your analytics and find your long-tail keywords. For example, you can start with using words like- why, what, where, etc.

2 – Bank on Google- related searches 

The same rules apply here only with a slight twist. You notice suggestions appearing on the bar when you type your keyword. The google auto-suggested searches also appear at the bottom of SERP. 

You can easily pick up a suggestion for your long-tail keywords from this section. 

3 – Questions and answers 

Question and answers are the best ways to find your long-tail keywords for your product or service. Q&A sites like Quora can develop unique ideas on how to place or ask for what a customer is seeking. So you can take hints from questions and even cook up queries regarding your product or service for more visibility. 

4 – Check on your competitor

If your competitor is gaining leads, then find out how it’s working for them. Think about how they are thinking; after all, you are in it together for business.

5 – Go to Wikipedia

It is the best resort when you are thinking hard about any information. When you go to Wikipedia, you will see so many suggestions to work for your product or service.

Leverage the immense value of long tail keywords with professional blog writers

Long-tail keywords are ruling content creation strategy for blog writing companies. It’s time you realize their importance and make them the base for an impressive online presence. Utilize the assistance of blog writing companies like Textuar to rank high and outpace competition with the help of long tail keywords. 

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