How a Blog Writer can Improve the Content’s Credibility

Improve Credibility of Blog Writing

An online content reader has a typical reading behaviour – they first scan through the blog content. Then, if it appeals to their sensibilities, they move to read the blog word by word.

This transition from scanning to actual reading is phenomenally challenging for a blog writer.

And one secret ingredient helps in this transition – making the blog credible.

At Textuar, we have written thousands of blogs for clients across various geographies. We see the article’s credibility as a key factor vital to its traffic pulling prowess.


On that note, let’s look at some ways you can enhance the credibility of your blog writing.

1 – Add Weight to your Blog with Statistics

Numbers, figures, statistics – these little soldiers really pack a punch in your blog writing. 

When you add statistics and link to an authentic source, then readers can connect better with the thought expressed in the content by the blog writer.

For example: consider these two sentences

1 – Content marketing helps generate a lot of leads at a low cost

2 – Content marketing helps generate 3x leads and costs 62% less than outbound marketing

Which sentence will appeal better to the reader?

Of course, the second one.

This provides instant proof that the point you are making is actually corroborated by experts.

Make sure to factor in the geographical and time-relevance of the statistics. You would not want to slap on an 18-year-old statistic when the industry is evolving so rapidly. Keep the latest statistics (maximum two years back)

2 – Showcase Industry Authority of the Content

One of the key tenets of Google EAT guidelines is the authoritativeness of the content. If your blog displays industry authority, then it leaves an indelible impression on the readers. They form an opinion that reads something like this:

Wow! This is pretty useful information. These guys seem to really know what they are doing. Let me send a business enquiry to them.”  

The blog writer needs to put himself in the shoes of a 55-year-old industry veteran addressing an audience full of enthusiastic newcomers (i.e., your target readers).

This way, you will develop authoritative content. Such content goes deep into the central idea of the blog.

How can you do this?

1 – Don’t put shallow content out there – Research intensively for creating an in-depth blog. It is packed with so much information that the reader need not go to another site to get information on the topic.

2 – Add a story – Accentuate your blog narrative with stories that have real people, real companies, and real-life use cases.

3 – Add credible links – Authentic links like Neil Patel, Ryan Deiss, and Brian Dean (for SEO) will power up the authoritativeness of your blog

3 – Highlight the Good Stuff 

As we pointed out before, readers tend to skim content. A whopping 43% of content consumers skim through the content. And when skimming, they look at parts that stand out from the remaining text of the blog.

How do you ensure these parts stand out in your blog writing?

– You can highlight the key stuff in your content.

– Mark it in bold to catch readers’ attention

– If it is a step-by-step process, then you can have an image explaining the steps.

Also, as a blog writer, you can mark all subheadings in the blog with the H2/H3 tag (in WordPress)

tips to make blog credible

4 – Add Images to Make a Difference

We now come to the point of images to enhance content credibility. A lot of steps in the process or data-centric sections can be illustrated better with custom images.

Readers will respond better to images than text that contains these data points.

Read more – 10 Best Free Image Sources

5 – Make it an Enjoyable Reading Experience

The impatient reader of today needs everything laid out clearly in an easy-to-understand language.

This is where the concept of readability in content comes in for a blog writer.

Ensure that the Flesch Kincaid reading score is 60 or above.

Such a score denotes that the content is fairly easy to read. This type of content can be read and understood by a 13- to 15-year-old.

How to do this?

1 – make shorter sentences

2 – use simpler words

3 – avoid jargons

4 – make smaller paragraphs to have lots of whitespaces.

If you succeed in not making blog reading a tiring experience, then your blog becomes credible. This happens because it has managed to make everything clear to the reader without them having to strain hard to understand a particular section.

To sign off

After reading through this small guide, you will see that most of the points are pretty simple to implement.

And that is where things get interesting.

They are not only simple but also have a huge impact on the ability to attract site traffic.

So, why don’t you too take note of these pointers and power up your blog’s credibility?

If you need professional help, then feel free to connect with the team of proficient and experienced blog writers at Textuar. We have a knack for creating content that strikes a chord with your target readers.

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