Two Secret Words Used by Blog Writers to Win Over Their Audience

two secret words used by blog writing companies

As blog writers, you may be looking for ways to come closer to your customers because they need to be convinced about your credibility and authority. I am going to tell you 2 secret words that blog writing companies can use to. It helps you to elevate the degree of engagement you obtain with your […]

10 Modern Blog Editing Tips for The Finicky Blogger

Blog editing tips for the blogger

Blogging is a hot topic right now and everyone loves it. Blog content not only provides information to the reader but creates an incredible channel for brands to engage better with their potential customers online and thus obtain new revenue streams. It is no wonder that 86% of B2B companies use blogging as a lead […]

Why Quoting Sources in a Blog is a Smart Move

citing sources in the blog

From the latest cricket match and the top actors of Hollywood, to the current food craze and the top business news of the world, the blogosphere is filled with every topic you can imagine. But if you are thinking of posting about something, wait and read this blog completely before doing so.

6 Amazing Blog Writing Tips to Grow Your Client Base

Blog writing tips for SEO

Are you passionate about writing or do you want to help brands engage with their customer? Then blogging is for you. Blogging derives its origin from the two words “web” and “log”. Whether you are new to SEO blog writing or an experienced blogger, there are some basic rules to follow in order to have […]

Business Blogs – Make it Your Customer Acquisition Mantra

Digital marketing has gained significant traction over the last 7-8 years. This growth is mainly fuelled by quality content. One form of engaging with customers through content is by developing business blogs. Business websites usually have a dedicated blog page that aims to drive customer engagement through helpful content that seeks to resolve a particular […]