6 Amazing Blog Writing Tips to Grow Your Client Base

Blog writing tips for SEO

Are you passionate about writing or do you want to help brands engage with their customer? Then blogging is for you. Blogging derives its origin from the two words “web” and “log”. Whether you are new to SEO blog writing or an experienced blogger, there are some basic rules to follow in order to have your blog read by many people. If you are interested to know about these rules, then you are at the right place.

Blog Writing tips that generate results

It is seen that most of the blogs are abandoned midway through reading the blog, due to lack of captivating content. Hence, it becomes paramount to catch and hold the reader’s attention. Here, we will show you some amazing tips that can change the way you blog and drastically improve your SEO blog writing skills.

  1. Captivating headline

The first thing a person reads whenever he opens a webpage is the headline. Now, the headline should be so written that the reader thinks twice about it and continues reading. One practical example would be a cake displayed on a shop’s glass shelf, which attracts a person and induces him to buy, even though he had gone there to buy something else.

  1. Design of your blog

In a world of millions of blogs, you need to assess what it is that distinguishes your webpage from others. It is the design or layout of your blog. Keeping an uncluttered yet smart design would be preferable.

  1. Write to build trust

As the Net has grown over the years, so has the menace of fake news. So, it becomes imperative that the blog presents genuine and correct information to its readers. This helps build trust with the reader.

Once the trust is built, he will visit your blog often looking for a particular kind of information. Suppose you are a mobile blogger and a new phone arrives, yours would be the first blog he would visit to read about the phone’s review as he has complete trust in you.

  1. Timely blogs

It is imperative to regularly update the content of your site through blog writing, so that it doesn’t look jaded. If you can’t provide the information regularly or on time, the relevance of the topic will be lost, and the reader would move on to another blog. It’s very important to be updated to be relevant. For example, an electronics blogger who blogs on televisions will need to remain updated on what brands are launched daily and what’s the specification of the televisions.

  1. Crisp content

Always keep the blog content short and crisp. While the acceptable wordcount varies, it should be meaningful, relevant, and not be repetitive. A blogger should keep his topic in mind and not deviate to other topics. As the attention span of an online user is low, a short blog helps maintain the reader’s interest.

  1. Ability to dissect the content

Like a human body, a good blogger should be able to dissect a blog into three main parts. The head would be the headline in a blog. The middle body would be its main content, while the lower portion would be its conclusion. Following this approach helps in maintaining an easy to follow style for the reader to read.

Also, check your online presence to see how many people read your blogs. This can be done with the help of analytics metrics available online.

Follow these helpful pointers for your blog writing. With these tips, you can shine in the blogosphere and grow your client base.

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