Two Secret Words Used by Blog Writers to Win Over Their Audience

two secret words used by blog writing companies

As blog writers, you may be looking for ways to come closer to your customers because they need to be convinced about your credibility and authority. I am going to tell you 2 secret words that blog writing companies can use to. It helps you to elevate the degree of engagement you obtain with your content.

PS – Both words are used in the first sentence itself!


The 1st Secret word is “YOU”

The word “YOU” plays an essential role in writing the content. Check out this post’s introduction to see how the word “you” occupies an important place. It makes the readers read the content with involvement because the ultimate aim for the readers is to fulfill their needs for which they came online. 

So now you can understand the importance of the secret word. Using this word gives life to your content. 

Using the word ‘you’ means that the blog writing companies are shifting the focus from ‘I’ or ‘me’ to ‘you’. As a result, the content now focuses solely on answering the user’s query on the Google search bar. Every blog or article is now developed to answer specific needs and queries of the reader for which she came to Google in the first place. 

As the word you are connected directly to the readers, it easily attracts them, and it motivates them to read more. The underlying premise is simple.

“Readers won’t care about your brand, unless you constantly offer them valuable content.” 

The result? Your brand forms an instant connection with the targeted readers with such copywriting. This transformation from a casual prospect to a loyal brand advocate happens only when you have made the effort. The effort will be to focus on the reader queries than on your solution. And the word ‘you’ will emphasize this fact. 

How to ensure the word ‘you’ drives engagement?

After your blog draft is ready, add a proofreading step. Count the occurrences of ‘I’ and ‘Me’. Then count the occurrences of ‘You’ or ‘Your’. If ‘You’ is way more than the former, then you are doing a good job as a professional blog writer. 

The 2nd Secret word is “BECAUSE”

The second word is “BECAUSE“. Smart blog creators would pepper the content with this crucial word within their content. 

It is important to use this word because the arguments you present after it provides the gist of this critical question from the reader “Ok, but what’s in it for me??”

While writing the content, you have to explain the topic specifically. You can’t write the content generally. So by using the word because you can specify your thoughts in the contents. The word ‘because’ is one of the powerful words. It gives you the answer for the readers and also gives the reason why? You can explore the topic by using this content. 

How to ensure the word ‘because’ drives engagement?

Take, for example, a real estate site that offers tech-enabled features for property walkthroughs. Here’s how the blog writing companies would list the features: 

1- High def 4k resolution 

2- 360-degree home views

3- Video walkthroughs of the property 

Here’s how the benefits would look like:

1 – You get high def 4k resolution views from the comforts of your home. Because of this, you need not participate in open houses anymore and hence save time

2 – Due to the 360 degree home views, you get a fully immersive, life-like 3D tour experience 

3 – You can view every inch of the property as if you are physically present on the property, because of the video walkthroughs. 

So, ‘because’ encourages you to talk about benefits (i.e., why they should buy the product with these features). Experts like Ryan Deiss at Digital Marketer concur that people simply wouldn’t want a product or service until the blog writers articulate the benefits in a way that people can easily understand.

Add this secret word to your content and see the marvelous results for your content. The word ‘because’ will elevate the blog content to a compelling new level altogether.


These 2 secret words amp up the persuasion power of creative blog writing skills. Blog writing companies have effective content writers who can compel readers to be hooked with content that resonates with their needs. This way, they end up trusting your brand and move closer to a successful conversion.

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