Is ChatGPT a Threat to SEO Content Writers?

is Chat GPT a threat to content writers

In recent years due to technological advancements, there has been a rise of AI language models, which are taking the world by storm. ChatGPT has become quite a rage now. It is no surprise that more and more people are excited to try it out.

8 Content Writing Trends in 2023 that will Cause a Boom

content writing trends 2023

Kim has been a prolific content writer. As we look forward to welcoming 2023, she is looking to leverage content writing to maximize organic growth for her clients cost-effectively.  But with the ever-changing content writing landscape, it is challenging for her to know which areas to focus on more. After all, narrowing down her focus […]

16 Best Readability Tools to Boost SEO Content Writing


Have you ever attempted to read something just to be drained by the whole experience? It is certainly not a good feeling when readers have to put in efforts to comprehend the meaning of the words in the SEO content writing. This is the underlying principle of readability.

How to Align Content with Search Intent – A Guide for Content Writers

content writers for search intent

“What’s all the buzz around search intent?”, is a question asked by many exasperated content writers. As they struggle to adapt to evolving Google algorithm guidelines, search intent seems one of the many concrete ranking signals they need to contend with. This blog will attempt to answer all queries around search intent and what content […]

Everything You Need to Know About Anchor Text in SEO Content Writing

anchor text in SEO content writing

In our school lives, we may have always related an anchor to something that keeps boats from floating away. They add weight and keep the boat steadfast. We see the same analogy applied to anchor text for SEO content writing. Anchors in your content writing keeps readers from floating away. It keeps them hooked to […]