Is ChatGPT a Threat to SEO Content Writers?

is Chat GPT a threat to content writers

In recent years due to technological advancements, there has been a rise of AI language models, which are taking the world by storm.

ChatGPT has become quite a rage now. It is no surprise that more and more people are excited to try it out.


is Chat GPT a threat to content writers

What is the impact of ChatGPT on content writing?

But with this rise, there is also a big question out there that is circling the minds of many!

– Does ChatGPT have the power to end up replacing SEO content writers?

– Will you now no longer need a team of writers for your project?

– Will ChatGPT crate compelling content all on its own, without any human intervention?

In this article, we are going to cover questions like these to help you understand what the future holds for the content writing industry.

How smart SEO content writers will leverage ChatGPT?

The one thing you cannot take away from ChatGPT is that it will make writing more efficient and cost-efficient. This will help writers focus on building strategies and other work at hand.

It is very easy to type in a few topic-related words, and ChatGPT is going to provide written content to you.

Although it seems like it will be a great way to get content and help you out in marketing, the reality is a little different.

Why ChatGPT cannot take over human SEO content writers?

ChatGPT cannot take the place of a content writer or content writing company because it lacks a lot of things that only a human being can add to the content.

1- Remember the Google Panda update 

Since the introduction of algorithms, people have been trying hard to ace the game and get all the benefits they can. And alongside, Google has been trying its best to keep the algorithm clear of such practices and maintain the quality of search results.

The updates of Google are sometimes small. But every once in a while, it has a big update that has a large impact overall. One such update was the Panda update. This update combatted the low-quality farms churning out content of very poor quality.

There were many businesses at that time that were involved in such practices. Google busted them over time. As a result, they lost a lot with to this update.

2- The ChatGPT content is of low quality 

The ChatGPT is doing something similar too. It has been encouraging companies to push up low-quality content. Although it might be working well right now, Google has already issued a red code against this. ChatGPT and AI content will definitely be under the radar; nobody knows when and how, but a Panda 2 update can be expected.

ChatGPT is like a trained machine which is as good as the data which is used to train it. When you want ChatGPT to generate content for you, what it does is pull from already existing data on the internet. It is like scraping for content from the internet.

We all know how the internet is already filled with unoriginal content and data. And if you know anything about SEO, you will be aware of how all this is a recipe for subpar SEO rankings. If you want your content to do well, then you need writing that is original and is of high quality from SEO content writers. Only then can your business or marketing technique can benefit from it.

Of course, you can churn large volumes of content from ChatGPT. But the quality you get is compromised and wouldn’t necessarily get you the result that you were looking for. When it comes to current events and innovations, ChatGPT can be pretty useless since it factors only events prior to 2021.


is Chat GPT a threat to content writers

3- Google fingerprints AI writers 

Many people might not be aware of this, but Google has a way of fingerprinting AI writers and differentiate them from human SEO content writers. As writers, each one has a unique way of writing and also certain unique mistakes that they make.

This also means that Google can easily distinguish between ChatGPT content and human generated content. So, if you tend to use AI-generated, even after editing it, it can be caught by future Google updates easily.

Latest news says that there are some limits by Open AI, ChatGPT’s parent company. But we can expect Google to continue efforts in this area.

When you use ChatGPT content, this content will be tied to the ChatGPT author’s fingerprint. This means you will be adding to their profile instead of creating one for yourself.

4- ChatGPT carries SEO risks 

There are many benefits of using AI content. However, when we are talking about it specifically for SEO, it might not be a good idea. Factors like search intent and E-A-T guidelines matter a lot for good ranking. I am not sure if ChatGPT is a good option to meet their stringent norms.

If you want to use ChatGPT for disposable content, then it can be done. But for SEO, you should only go for high quality content that is truly valuable to readers. Doing so can add to your credibility and Google rankings.

For your brand, you should only go for the content which resonates with your brand. This is a sure-shot formula that will yield you benefits against updates in the future. This is why trusting SEO content writers is the right thing to do.

Is Chat GPT a threat to content writers
is Chat GPT a threat to content writers – We Say No!

5- It needs intervention by SEO content writers

Although it seems great in theory, ChatGPT lacks a few qualities you can only find in a human author. Only a human content writing expert can deliver the nuance, depth, and emotional sensitivity needed to write a great piece of content.

ChatGPT falls short by a big margin when getting the context and intent right for a blog or article. Of course, it can help create disposable content, but if you need quality content that is SEO friendly, it would need help from a writer in the content writing industry. It can be a great add-on for a writer but cannot replace them completely.

To sum up, 

Although it seems very promising, the ChatGPT is not going to take away any jobs from the content writing industry. Of course, it is going to be of great help when it comes to low-effort writing jobs, but for effective SEO, you would need the help of good SEO content writers.

There are many aspects to human abilities that a bot won’t be able to decipher when generating compelling content. You would need the help of a good content writing company in this matter. They have the experience and creative skill to provide you with SEO-friendly content for your marketing needs.

When you make the wise move of using human writers for your content needs, then contact Textuar. We have a proven proficiency in generating in-depth and value-driven content meant for your target readers. Give us a try and we are sure we will help you with your lead generation efforts through effective content marketing

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