How to Create Content for Google E-A-T Guidelines?

Google-E-A-T optimized content

Google keeps updating its search algorithms to ensure that the search results are relevant to user queries. As a part of refining this objective further, they came up with Google E-A-T guidelines in late 2018. Ever since then, SEO webmasters and content writing companies have been looking to align content as per these guidelines.

How to Produce Quality Content with 7 Simple Tips

quality content writing

4000 blogs are published every single minute! Yes, that is the mind-boggling statistic we see from a report that says that 2 billion blog posts were published in 2018. How sure are you that your content will be able to cut through the clutter and catch the attention of your target audience? The answer is […]

How Long Should My SEO Content Be? (Surprising Stats Inside!)

Ideal Length for SEO Content Writing

Strong SEO content writing is the secret mantra for every SEO campaign success. Irrespective of the fact that your buyers will scan or skim through the written word, they still need well-written and simplified content from SEO writers to acknowledge your offerings. Eventually, the business understands the importance of content and SEO in the digital […]

SEO Content Development – What is the Ideal Length of a Content Piece?

Ideal length for SEO content development

Did you have a query – “How much content is needed for SEO content development?” Did you do a Google search and land on this blog? Then you have witnessed the power of quality content in your information search goals. SEO content writing companies use keyword optimized content to rank higher and be discovered by […]

9 Techniques to Master SEO Content Writing in 2020

9 Techniques to master SEO content writing

It is not a secret anymore that SEO and quality content go hand-in-hand. Because ultimately, without SEO, even the most compelling and catchy content might be lying on the very last page of a search result, and we are well aware these pages don’t even matter to any reader. Out of the 80,000 search queries […]