How Long Should My SEO Content Be? (Surprising Stats Inside!)

Ideal Length for SEO Content Writing

Strong SEO content writing is the secret mantra for every SEO campaign success. Irrespective of the fact that your buyers will scan or skim through the written word, they still need well-written and simplified content from SEO writers to acknowledge your offerings.

Eventually, the business understands the importance of content and SEO in the digital market but fails to accommodate a reasonable amount of content on their websites. With a high volume of content, they will get more words to convey their value proposition to the readers.

In addition to this USP, brands get the opportunity to get a ranking boost with keyword-rich content. With first page rankings on search engine results page, your brand improves site traffic and boosts engagement.


What do experts say about length of SEO content writing?

According to Forbes, the average Google first page result contains 1,890 words that are optimal for SEO.

Medium says that the ideal time for reading content is seven minutes. So our words should be adequate to convey the message within this time frame.  Outbrain says that a blog post of about 1600 words will take the readers seven minutes to read.

While this may be a benchmark, it may not be applicable to every type of requirement.

There are other factors that Google considers while ranking content on the first page as below:

1 – Nature of Business

Every company is unique in the virtual world, but it has a similar objective: to increase visibility and generate more sales. Depending upon the nature of the business, you can develop and structure the contents focusing on their key-services.

For instance, an interior design company will rely more on the before and after images, rather than particularly descriptive-written content.

In B2B scenarios, a lot of SEO optimized content like case studies, thought leadership blogs, and whitepapers will pull readers to a brand.  Hence, the content writer will focus on well-written long form content that does a deep dive into the topic they discuss.

2 – Targeted Audience

For making your website content more relevant, it is essential to understand your target audience. Content that fulfills to solve a particular problem will always appeal to your end-users. To create engaging content, always step in the shoe of a reader and try to understand their requirements and expectations.

For instance, CEOs and decision makers need to consume a lot of content before they trust you enough to send business enquiries. Industry reports mention the below interesting statistics-

  1. 47% of buyers looked at three to five pieces of content before calling up a sales rep
  2. 96% of people interviewed want to see more authoritative content from thought leaders of the industry
  3. 73% of the people went through a case study before making up their mind about a vendor.

So, B2B content tends to be longer, straight to the points. It also has the necessary business phrases or terms in it. This helps the content relate with the senior level business owners or decision makers.

This brings the discussion on content quality in SEO writing.

Ideal Length for SEO Content Writing

3 – Quality of SEO Content Writing

The quality is more persuasive than the quantity of your content. Write about what you need to convey an answer to the queries efficiently. Well-written content by SEO writers will promptly convey your services and help to generate leads.

Original and proofread content will also engage the readers and generate organic traffic at the same time. Of course, this calls for a professional SEO writers as they have the expertise to churn out high volume of fresh and compelling content that readers love to read. They use premium tools like Grammarly to spruce up the work. Grammarly will help writers to polish the writing and establish a better connection with readers.

4 – The Type of SEO Content to be Created

The length of the content will also depend on the type of content. Here are some numbers to crunch for this thought.

  1. Social media posts will vary depending on the channel
    1. Twitter will be limited to 140 characters (around 20 to 24 words)
    2. Facebook posts will less than 80 characters (around 14 words) receive 86% more engagement
  2. Blog posts are typically between 1200 to 1600 words
  3. How to articles are around 2000 to 2300 words
  4. Ecommerce product descriptions will be between 350 to 400 words to cover the product’s features and benefits

To sign off

Hopefully, this article helped you to understand the strategy behind the amount of content written for SEO. However, we recommend a minimum of 600-800 words per page of content for SEO. Well-articulated content has the power to resonate with the target market. It gives them an impetus to put their reading the content and acting on the call to action.

If you need great quality content, then connect with our SEO content writers at Textuar. We have the bandwidth and availability to look at content creation across multiple industry verticals. This gives an unmatched edge in your inbound marketing plans.

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