How to Produce Quality Content with 7 Simple Tips

quality content writing

4000 blogs are published every single minute!

Yes, that is the mind-boggling statistic we see from a report that says that 2 billion blog posts were published in 2018.

How sure are you that your content will be able to cut through the clutter and catch the attention of your target audience? The answer is in quality content writing.

Quality content helps to attract the attention of the right set of targeted customers. It engages them by providing valuable answers to their questions or issues. This inbound marketing technique helps the customer gain trust on the brand and perceive it as an authority in its line of business. These two factors will lead the reader to enquire with the brand about the services, thus pushing her further towards a successful conversion. This is how quality content helps convert a reader to a loyal customer.

What to focus on for quality content writing?

It’s crucial to know whether or not you’re producing quality content. And a single factor alone cannot determine the quality of your content. The quality of your content is determined by incorporating different factors that affect your content’s reach and engagement.

If you check your content on the following grounds, you will likely end up producing quality content for your website.

   1. Focus on the depth rather than the length

Imagine if you are looking for a blog on readability and all you see is some superficial information. It doesn’t really add ay value to the knowledge you already have. Instead, an in-depth blog on readability will introduce the concept, and also give examples to readers on how to improve readability, what to check in readability, and how to determine the readability score.

This way, the person gets so much information on this topic that she doesn’t have to visit any other site to know anything more on this topic. This type of in-depth content holds reader attention better.

There is a massive misconception about the quality of the content, i.e., the longer the posts, the better they perform. No! The quality of content is irrelevant to the word count. It’s the depth of data-driven content that has been designed with a search engine-friendly approach.

The added bonus is that such in-depth content needs many words to explain all the different sub-topics within the main theme. Hence, it will tend to be a long form content that is loved by both – people as well as Google.

  2. Checking over the competitors

Another way to check whether or not the quality of the content you are producing is up to the mark is by comparing it with the quality of the similar content posted by your competitor that is already trending on an SERP.

Remember, the goal here is to compare your content for quality and not to steal the data- it will ruin your content’s uniqueness. And this brings us to the third point of our post – content uniqueness.


  3. Original Content

The critical aspect of quality content writing is that the content you produce should be unique, i.e., plagiarism free. It helps search engine algorithms to assign better ranking to your content web pages.

When you put in the effort to create a new content from grounds up, google bots will reward it with better ranking. And this enhanced ranking will help direct more traffic to your site. This advantage helps you hit higher conversion rates, all thanks to well-articulated content that passes Copyscape checks.

If you enlist the assistance of a content writing company then make sure that the writer employs premium plag check tools. The team should submit deliveries only if it is certain that 100% of the content passes the Copyscape checks and there is no duplicate content. Such QC process is a hallmark of a credible and professional content writing agency,

4. Quality content is free oof typos

Hope that you noticed an extra ‘o’ in the above section heading. It immediately brought to your mind that the writer might be a careless fellow. He doesn’t take time out to do proper QC to remove all spelling and grammar issues. This thought dramatically erodes brand credibility and fails to establish trust in readers’ mind.

The biggest turnoff for a majority of buyers is grammatical errors and bad writing on a website. No wonder this is the quick way to have the prospects run away far from the brand. For a brand, this might be an opportunity lost forever. And all this loss is simply because the content had some typos.

Regardless of whether or not the search engine algorithms take grammar into account while crawling your web page, the users like easily understandable content. And the only means to enhance your content’s quality and comprehensiveness is by incorporating the correct grammar in the content.

  5. Audience-oriented content

The content you design and develop will lack quality if it fails to provide the readers with the value they seek in your content regarding your brand. You have to understand and stick to the target audience’s preferences and needs before you start developing the content.

 6. Accurate Data & Reliable Sources

You won’t like incorporating inaccurate data that doesn’t have a reliable source because it will deteriorate your brand’s credibility along with the quality of your content. Besides, it’s accurate data that adds depth to your content.

  7. SEO Optimized Content

Search engine optimization is the single factor that can either make or break the game for your content to get top ranks on a SERP. Develop well-researched, SEO optimized content with an appropriate density of high search volume keywords. This step ensures good quality content for both, the readers and the search engine algorithms.

Quality content writing isn’t everyone’s forte. It requires putting in a lot of effort to find the relevant high search volume keywords and tons of creativity to develop the content while incorporating the keywords naturally in the content.

Therefore, it will help if you outsource the content writing works to content writing agency. They have the experience and the tools to drive quality content development for your website. Hiring content writers like Textuar will save you a lot of time and trouble, without having to compromise with the quality!

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