9 Techniques to Master SEO Content Writing in 2020

9 Techniques to master SEO content writing

It is not a secret anymore that SEO and quality content go hand-in-hand. Because ultimately, without SEO, even the most compelling and catchy content might be lying on the very last page of a search result, and we are well aware these pages don’t even matter to any reader.

Out of the 80,000 search queries per second (yes, you read it right, there is no typo) the first five results account for 67.60% of all the clicks. Imagine if your brand is listed in this hallowed position? It will result in more clicks, more site traffic, and more conversions.

Content is a key enabler that helps you achieve this coveted position in an organic way.

And this is not just what we say at Textuar. Even Google has confirmed that high-quality content and link building are the two most crucial signals used by Google to rank your website for search.

Hence, it becomes vital to have a strong association between SEO and quality content. With the evolving of online reading style, you will have to create a patterned content that accommodates rich keywords and is audience-focused. Such SEO optimized content will reach a broader audience and will have a higher conversion rate.

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9 Techniques to master SEO content writing

What techniques improve SEO content?

Let’s have a look at some techniques that, if adequately inculcated, can master your SEO content.

1- Do you know the pulse of the audience?

No matter how good of a creator or a writer you are, unless you understand the audience, you will never be able to create a stir of impact among them.

SEO content writing companies need to write content that appeals to the interest of their target market or just answer their questions. The post need not always have to be about the service and quality, explore the topics that are brand or industry-relevant.

The goal here is to focus on what created an “Ideal customer,” take those points and add on to the following contents you generate, and ultimately these contents will compel the new customers to take action.

2- Are you taking audience’s input for valuable SEO content writing?

Sometimes the best way to create a value-based SEO optimized content or audience-focused content is by directly or indirectly interacting with them. You can collect the target audience’s input by creating Google forms and social media surveys.

Or you can directly interact with them on social media sites by popping the question on their likes and dislikes. Through these, you will be able to create a read that is actually valuable and will hit up to the target audience’s mark.

Most importantly, it will ensure to sustain a loop, i.e., relevant content equals to good ranking and higher conversions from an SEO perspective.

3- Have you done keyword research for SEO content writing?

Keyword research is a primary aspect of on-page SEO; it allows search engines to view a page’s relevancy based on the user’s search.

So, as an SEO content writer, try to map mostly used and trendy keywords among the different pages of your website. Use sites like Google keyword planner tool to get the most out of your keyword research efforts. Some in-depth guides too can provide you direction in this work.

So, the basic notion here is to create content based on the searches entered by your customer. And if you get this part right there is a highly likelihood that your brand will rank high on the results page.

4- Does the content display expertise on the topic?

The content will never get praised based on its length but by its depth. Do not ever settle for fluff or superficial content that doesn’t add any value to the time put in by the reader to consume your content.

It is essential that the content has elaborate information related to the topic. Showcasing your expertise on a topic alongside the SEO tactics will likely give your content even more validity and help you gain trust among your audience.

Therefore, procure knowledge on what you are writing or take help from an expert and add the statistics, databases or factual scenarios. Obviously, this is a time-consuming task and hence needs the expertise of a professional SEO content writing agency.

5- Is the content trending?

The trend will always play an important role in gaining major traffic, even though they short-live, they inevitably impact on an overnight basis. An SEO content writing professional will stay abreast of these trends and create content accordingly.

Staying on the top with the latest trend by creating content inclusive of high-traffic keywords will ultimately raise your rankings. The key is to put a twist on the trend and follow “ride the wave” concept because not always a trending topic will be relevant to your industry goals.

Align with the rest of the content on your website, and avoid getting extremely political or controversial to prevent risking the audiences. By implementing this technique, you will make sure to get the right amount of traffic, and by backlinking other contents, you can transfer the traffic on other reads.

9 Techniques to master SEO content writing

6- Does your post have a logical structure?

It can be a daunting task to maintain uniformity and consistency while covering a central idea in a content piece. But that is what your reader would prefer, a quality content that has a logical structure.

Split your article into paragraphs and give sub-headings to each of them. Such labelling makes for an easy read that will keep the reader engaged. Adding introductions and conclusions will let them understand the topics in short.

Optimize the content for search with these simple steps –

  1. Add a catchy headline
  2. Use simple sentences and weave keywords organically so that it doesn’t appear forced
  3. Let the user connect with you (by leaving comments, or subscribing to your blog)
  4. Optimize images
  5. Use keywords in partial match in the title, intro paragraph, meta descriptions, and

And yes, don’t forget to check the content for grammar issues and plagiarism check problems before hitting the ‘Publish’ button. These are golden rules that should be applied for all SEO content writing.

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7- Are the images on the page optimized?

It is relevant to say people love to read content that has appealing graphics; images will denote hundreds of emotions in a short amount of time.

Hence, adding high-quality images becomes essential. To optimize content for SEO, keep the size of the image low so that the page loads fast and delivers a stellar user experience. Sites like tinyPNG can come useful for lossless image compression.

Adding custom images and videos will give your content a competitive edge.

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8- Is the post ready for sharing on social media or guest posts?

Well-crafted content is only worth it if it gets maximum visibility. Social media is a powerful tool that can help increase the reach of a post or a brand. Similarly, guest posting is an excellent way of attracting high-quality backlinks. If you are not focusing on these two promotion techniques, you are certainly missing out on some lucrative opportunities.

Make a necessary change and add share buttons on each of your blog posts so that the reader can share it on social media sites. On guest posts have a link to your site, so that more customers can discover your brand through the guest posts

Explore and connect with websites and blogs that have customers and followers who align with your target audience; this will surely generate traffic for your brand. Create great content that will increase the shareability, so aim for quality SEO optimized content that is share-worthy.

9- Are you tracking SEO content effectiveness?

The most crucial aspect of mastering SEO optimized content is by monitoring your activity. Google Analytics is an easy and free way to track your page’s views and the average time spent by the customer on your page.

Gaining deeper insights on bounce rate and time on site will give you an idea of how the users interact with your website. You can also take a look at the social interactions and compare contents that proved as a hit or missed to create an impression.

Following these simple metrics will give you the concept of what content your readers like reading and act more on.

Wrapping it up
Quality SEO optimized content is a lead magnet and helps your digital marketing goals. Content that attracts ranking and has a good audience engagement is considered as highly valued and has a higher conversion rate. Using these simple yet effective techniques, you can ensure higher CTR – an important factor for ranking your website higher than your competitors.

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