12 Trigger Words Used By Blog Writers to Ace Engagement

12 Trigger Words Used By Blog Writers to Ace Reader Engagement

Marketers are increasingly implementing robust digital marketing strategies to boost their business. This strategy is made up of several elements, and content marketing is one of them. Blog post writers develop content as a part of SEO to hold audience attention and prompt them to send business enquiries.

Fresh and innovative blog content targeting your product and service offerings can work wonders for your website. Stats says that

Quality Content Can Drive Traffic to a Blog by Up To a Staggering 2000%!!

Hence, it’s no wonder why blog content is deemed as the king in new-age marketing strategies. However they don’t just slap on random bits of words. They use words that add spice to the narrative. Such words make the readers go ‘Wow!’ These are what blog post writers know as ‘trigger words’.

12 Trigger Words Used By Blog Writers to Ace Reader Engagement

What triggers are used by blog post writers? 

Blog writing companies focus on the usage of certain words in the blog/article as it will persuade readers to take action. Some of these trigger words are listed below:

  1. New

Tech-savvy individuals have a knack for getting acquainted with new software. Similarly, content writing companies will use this to elicit an emotion of freshness and originality with the content

Including the word “new” in your articles or blog posts will attract readers of all sorts. If you use this word in the content, it is bound to have a magic effect on the readers while keeping them alert and excited and thereby, persuading to take action.

  1. Free:

This is another trigger word that content writers use in the content. The term “free” has a more significant effect on the audience than “almost free”.

With this magic word, readers perceive an emotional charge relating to the product or service. Reputed blog writing companies use this term so that the target audience can easily associate themselves with a firm’s offerings.

They sense the offering is far more valuable than it is actually. Including the word “free” in your articles, social media posts, blogs, and email letters will make the content attractive.

Your content will be appealing to a greater audience at the same time. It will also accelerate your social media campaigns, Twitter engagement, and content strategy.

  1. Proven:

The word “proven” will ignite audience engagement by helping them gain trust in the brand value proposition. When content development companies convey an idea, technique, or strategy that is solidly supported, readers deem the content as authentic. Viewers prefer to come across “proven strategies”.

When an online user is searching for some information, he/she would want the information to be genuine. There’s no denying the fact that most of the times, users bank on the content for collecting data and information fitted to their needs. This trigger word helps establish trust.

  1. Easy:

‘Easy’ is another trigger word used by content creation companies. It gives comfort to readers’ minds that the content will not be difficult to implement. This gives them an added impetus to continue reading through the blog. As a result, there will be a high likelihood that they will act upon the call to action.

Try to include the word “easy” in the headline. This will make people click on your article/blog. In this case, social media engagement is more likely to be higher and reduced bounce rate.

If a complex topic is presented easily in the content, your target audience will have a better grasp of the subject. Furthermore, if you break down the key points, it will be easier for the readers to understand.

  1. Secret:

Successful digital marketers don’t tell their secrets to anyone. But when your blog says ‘Secrets to XXXX’, it will pique readers’ interest. A secret is something that readers don’t know. So they will be interested by thinking “Ok, let’s see what does he know after all that I don’t”.

Blog post writers use this trigger word to generate suspense and thus better degree of interest in the blog.

If you use the word “secret” in the content, it will make readers curious. While going through the article/blog, viewers will try to find the aspect they are unaware of. According to digital marketing experts, usage of the word “secret” in the blog post headlines and call-to-action will intrigue readers of all types.

  1. More:

Try to make your blog posts informative if you want to build a loyal audience within a short period. This will also have a positive impact on your social media engagement strategy. Also, it is bound to enhance your content strategy.

Using trigger words in the content to express one’s thoughts is desirable. The term “more” in the content shows that you haven’t finished what you are stating in the blog/article. A time may come when all ideas of yours are finished. Under such circumstances, you need to develop “more” thoughts and insights. It will come in handy while creating engagement strategies.


  1. The:

Customers don’t look for several solutions. They look for “the” answer. Using “the” instead of “a” or “an” will make your content strong. Readers will feel that you are confident about your viewpoints. The word “the” transforms the reader’s perception at large.

Also, when you are stating the offerings of an organization, using “the” in the blog/article highlights the importance of a particular product/service/idea. In this case, you are telling readers to be focused on their approach and not to look for alternatives.

  1. Yes:

No doubt, the word “yes” creates a positive atmosphere. In other words, it’s a sign of affirmation. When you are crafting a blog/article, the term “yes” will inspire them. You can also use this word when you are dealing with customers through the content.

The word “yes” plays a significant role in audience engagement. Several experts are of the view that “yes” motivates a person to learn something new. Using this inspiring word in your content and email subject line will give you a higher click-through rate. Besides increasing audience engagement, it also conveys the message in a better and simple way.

  1. If:

This small word has so much power in it we can’t imagine. The term “if” in the content is necessary, especially when you are trying to show that your readers and target audience must possess specific responsibilities.

Most of the time, “if” showcases a conditional statement. You can also use this word to show outcomes or possibilities. During your interaction with B2B firms, always use the word “if” as it highlights your strategies will only be productive when they play a significant part in the content marketing plan.

  1. Never:

Though “never” is a negative word, it’s invaluable in certain instances. When content writers tell readers what not to do, the use of the word “never” is mandatory. Readers will be cautioned when they come across this word in the content.

It would help if you didn’t make anyone responsible for something that is not in your hands. When you are working with new clients, you need to keep this in mind.

Don’t promise something to the target audience when you are in a dilemma. You can also use the word “never” to notify your loyal customers regarding the organization’s latest offerings. Using the word “never” is also a great choice when making a surprise announcement.

  1. Imagine:

The word “imagine” can give your blog an added dimension. There is no doubt regarding this aspect. When your readers and target audience come across this word in the content, they think of achieving it 100x over.

Nowadays, blog writers and content marketers don’t piece a bunch of words together and publish it on WordPress. They need to be creative in their approach while structuring a blog or article.

The use of the word “imagine” is immensely helpful in this aspect. It is one of those rare words that make readers think beyond their boundaries. It takes the readers to a different realm where everything seems possible.

  1. Instant:

This is another trigger word you can’t afford to ignore while developing the content. The term “instant” engages the audience almost instantly and persuades them to take action.

It can be a frustrating affair for people to wait endlessly for the expected outcomes. They will want to get instant or near-instant results through your articles. This word relieves them of this anxiety. It shows that the steps or tips mentioned in the blog will yield instant results.

To sign off

There are many secret ingredients employed by blog post writers to incite engagement and improve  conversion rate. Use of trigger words is one such sauce that spices up the content.

The top-notch experts in blog writing services use these words to gain maximum attention from the readers. These words create a unique spell on the readers that facilitate them in their decision-making approach. If you are a content creator then these words will definitely help you sway digital marketing outcomes in your favor.

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