Top Ways to Take Your next eBook from Good to Awesome

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Books created by eBook writers have always been the most trusted source for valued information. Their digital cousins, the humble eBooks go one step further. They not only enthrall and delight, but also helps make it a commercially worthwhile option. Perhaps, this explains why so many eBook writers are so busy in today’s digital era.

How to Promote Your E-Book and Make it Visible for Potential Readers?

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Summary – E-books can be a great content medium to attract customers’ attention. However for this, promoting your e-book correctly using the below approaches is crucial. These approaches are broken down to align with the different stages of sales funnel for better efficacy Reading Time – 6 min Who is it for – Content marketing […]

I will Develop my eBook content within 30 Days

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Yes, we start this blog with a positive thought. But just like other positive things in life, this thought needs commitment and taking little steps a day, to build an eventual positive outcome. Developing an eBook is no different. Many authors may get a bit rattled at the thought of investing significant time in developing […]