3 Tips To Transform Content from Bland to Brilliant

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Content writing is a proven online marketing tactic, so that engagement with readers remains high and positive. In this age of online awareness and short attention span, engrossing content is what aids your inbound marketing strategy to transcend beyond run-of-the-mill, to brilliant. However this is not easy and needs the expertise of a professional content writing agency. While it seems somewhat challenging to create content that goes beyond ‘yawn’, the below 3 content writing tips are sure to add the brilliance back to your content. Read on!

  • Know your readers –

    The way we talk to engage, varies with different types of audience. When dealing with B2C segment or the 18 to 24 years audience, your content is distinctly casual. When your target audience are senior level leadership executives, or B2B segment, your content is to the point and fairly formal.

It is worth noting that knowing your audience is key to adding the brilliance back to your content. It becomes easier to choose the right words, know the vibe of the audience, know about their challenges and give helpful answers.

Our content writing tip – Use the words ‘you’, ‘your’ to increase the ‘personal’ aspect of your content. When developing the content, it is not necessary that the first thing that comes to mind is usually the correct one (much like the spoken word). The correct words are those that resonate with the target audience.  

  • Make it conversational

    No longer will the reader tolerate long winding content full of jargons and technical terms. In this age where the customer is at the center of everything in the enterprise world, it is important to write from their perspective.

Remember that you aren’t blatantly selling your services, but rather engaging in a meaningful conversation. Customers don’t need to know what you are selling. They need to know how you can address their problems or challenges.

Our tip – When your readers can actually visualize you sitting across them and having a conversation over a cup of coffee, that’s the Aha! Moment. That’s when you can say that your content is truly conversational.

  • Make it riveting –

    Many words that act as fillers do nothing to uplift your content. Use words that convey experience and texture to enhance their visual or emotional senses. Words like ‘helpful, ‘handy’ make the content sound more empathic, non-negative and personal. So ‘fine hair’ will gel better with male audience than ‘thinning hair’.

Our tip – Use this point to amazing effect on your title or headlines. Sample this –

“3 ways to reduce your debt” (hmm… ok… dreary), as compared to

“3 blazingly fast ways to reduce your debt” (‘fast’? Interesting. Let’s read more)

The words “blazingly fast” add multiple meanings to the headline – Debt is reduced faster with financial arrangements, the approval process is fast, readers will get out of debt quickly. This induces more views automatically.

Be creative and be a sales magnet. Hope this blog gives you the right direction to connect to, and have better conversations with, your customers after using these content writing tips. Write in to us and let us know.

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