Content Strategies for 5 Types of Online Prospects

content for 5 types of prospects

In digital marketing, blogging emerges as a potent tool. It allows for product promotion and profit generation. Hence, 53% of marketers admit blogging as one of the most important content marketing tools. And why not? Blogging by the top blog writing company is 60% cheaper compared to traditional marketing tactics. Also, it is 13 times more likely to generate a positive return on investment.

But wait, simply creating blogs won’t guarantee profits. Effective targeting is crucial to avoid alienating a significant portion of your audience. And for that, you must understand where your readers stand. You see, not every reader going through your blog might have similar awareness levels or interests.

So, how do you identify the awareness level of your audience? This is where Eugene Schwartz’s classic book Breakthrough Advertising comes into play.

Let’s break down the details of this book in this blog.

1- The Five Stages of Prospect Awareness as per Eugene Schwartz 

Of course, blogs are created for making profits, but they should not dive directly into selling.

Experts like Eugene and even seasoned writers at top blog writing company believe in using various strategies to make the case and sell, directly or indirectly, when the time is right.

1.1- The most aware

These are your long-time readers. But, they haven’t entered the path of being your customers or clients yet.

The most aware customers are those with whom you can speak directly. But, you have to ensure that your direct messages to this group of audience don’t damage your chance with audiences at other levels.

What can you do?

Guide these readers “off the beaten path” for targeted messages focused on specific offers. This includes a high-value sales funnel. Incorporate occasional offer announcements within regular content or include a relevant postscript in related articles.

1.2- Product aware

These groups of people aren’t sure whether or not what you offer works for them. They may seem unconvinced even if you have educated them using creative storytelling.

Make a note that product aware audience don’t necessarily wish to be bombarded with offer information. This is because they are still stuck in the early conversion stage.

What can you do?

If your existing content wasn’t able to deliver the necessary details, consider hiring top blog writing company experts to produce pieces that fully address the concerns and objections of the prospects.

The key here is to produce pieces that deliver independent value throughout the blog. They should demonstrate various aspects, including benefits, diverse offerings and so on. And lastly, don’t forget to link such pieces to your well-crafted landing page.

1.3- Solution aware

This is the group that has subscribed to your blog but has zero knowledge that you offer solutions for their problems.

This is where expertly written content will come to your aid. Solution aware audience are perfect for providing free reports, whitepapers or maybe multi-post tutorials. You can cater these offerings through emails, webinars and so on.

What can you do?

It is crucial that you take every step to engage solution-aware readers. As mentioned, use opt-in email lists to let this group of audience know what you have to offer.

Your efforts will help build the interest of the audience and build a rapport in the industry!

1.4- Problem aware 

This group of people know that they have a problem in hand. However, they are unaware of your existence.

Also, they aren’t convinced enough to subscribe to your blog or even build a relationship with your brand. Their arrival to your website might be through social media channels or even search engines.

High-quality content with intrinsic value is essential for every member of your audience. However, it’s particularly important for problem aware individuals who require clear upfront value to become subscribers.

What can you do?

Consider going a step ahead and letting the audience know about your previous work on the concerns they have. Also, take time to steer them towards the same, perhaps through a personalised email.

1.5- Completely unaware 

The last in the prospect awareness stage are those who have zero knowledge about your brand. These are typically cold social media traffic that might come from LinkedIn or Twitter.

They may not necessarily be seeking information about you or your offer; they’re simply reacting to a piece of content you’ve shared. Hence, there is no point in click-baiting them through off-topic content.

What can you do?

When learning how to sell on a blog, focus on creating attention-grabbing content that aligns with your ultimate goals. While attracting traffic is important, it should be relevant to your objectives.

Simply generating traffic without purpose, especially if you’re selling products or services rather than ads, can be a futile effort in the competitive online advertising landscape.


Ending note

Keep in mind that just because your audiences are in different stages of awareness, it doesn’t mean your content quality should degrade. It is important that your content retains its quality regardless. In fact, your motive should be adding value to every piece that makes it to your website.

Also, avoid pitching relentlessly, but don’t be shy to promote your business wherever necessary. Offering independent value throughout the post is key here!



1- How can understanding the awareness level of your audience benefit your blog’s content strategy?

An insight into the awareness level of your audience can enable you to customize your content. Thus allowing you to meet specific needs and interests. And once you put out customized content, you become capable of experiencing higher engagement and conversion rates.

2- What strategies can be used to engage the “most aware” segment of your audience?

To attract the audience that falls in the most aware group, you must create targeted messages. And by that, we mean creating pieces that focus on specific offers. Just ensure that these occasional offer announcements are added in regular and relevant content. Nothing should be out of the blue for your audience.

3- How can bloggers effectively engage the “solution aware” segment of their audience?

Hire the best blog writing company experts to engage those audiences at solution aware levels using well-written free reports, whitepapers, or multi-post tutorials. Such pieces are typically well-researched, making them capable of addressing customer problems with ease. Besides, well-crafted pieces offer the right solutions at the right time.

You can further utilise emails, webinars, and other channels to put your offerings in front of the audience.

4- What role does high-quality content play in engaging problem-aware individuals and converting them into subscribers?

High-quality content with intrinsic value is crucial for problem-aware individuals. This is because it provides clear upfront value that encourages them to subscribe. As a blogger, you can build up credibility and trust with this segment of the audience by providing them with answers to their questions and offering them sustainable solutions.

5- How can you balance promoting your business while maintaining the integrity and quality of your content?

It is crucial that you hire the top blog writing company experts to create content that offers independent value throughout the post. Also, while doing so, it is crucial to avoid relentless pitching. And while you promote your business wherever necessary, ensure that every content features value that your prospects are looking for, regardless of their awareness stage.

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