4 Amazon Product Description Writing Areas to Focus On

Amazon product description writer

Today, Amazon retails 75.1 million products – easily making it one of the biggest e-commerce sites in the world. As a seller, there is a lot of value in getting good product descriptions written so that your product ranks high on relevant search terms. You need to focus on the 4 key areas of the product description content writing

  1. The Heading
  2. Bullet List of Product Features
  3. Actual description
  4. Hidden keywords

1 – The Heading

Which one of the below would the reader pick to spend time to read about?

“Blue Shirt”

“Raymond’s Light Blue Full Sleeve Shirt size 40”

Of course, the 2nd one.

Amazon provisions 200 characters to build the title heading of the product. You would want to make it as informative as possible to let the readers know whether they should check out the product or no.

Some guidelines for popular product categories mandates the below formats for product description heading –

  1. For TV, you can add Manufacturer + Model Number + Product Type
  2. For Computers, you can specify Manufacturer + Model Number + PC Type + (Processor speed + RAM + Hard Drive Size)
  3. For Small Appliances, the heading can mention Manufacturer + Model Number + Model Name + Product Type, Color
  4. For Cookware, you can add Manufacturer name + Line + Size+ Product Type
  5. Feature list

2.Bullet List of Product Features

It is advised by experts  to craft comprehensive feature list. Instead of talking only about what the product consists of, you need to focus more on what the product does for the customer. Some key pointers to note to improve its engagement quotient would be

  1. Cover all important features around a product to improve its promotional appeal
  2. Don’t add shipping and seller information
  3. Don’t add product price in the feature list
  4. Product descriptionAmazon product description writer

    3.Actual description

This is the key portion where the buyer eventually decides whether or not to buy the product. Keep a subtle promotional tone without going overboard or aggressive/ boastful. Some valuable tips to craft the product description on Amazon include –

  1. Use full sentences that are easy to read and comprehend
  2. Explore how videos and images can be used
  3. Keep out seller information like company name and focus only on the product
  4. Hidden Keywords

    4.Hidden keywords

This is one area where copywriters can create the maximum impact. Amazon has specified clear keyword guidelines in order to rank well on the e-commerce site with hidden keywords –

  1. Hyphenated words will be treated as same as individual words surrounding the hyphen. For example ‘surround-sound’ will come with ‘surround’ and with ‘sound’. So it makes sense to hyphenate wherever possible
  2. Amazon’s A9 search engine doesn’t give better weightage to multiple occurrences of keywords as compared to single occurrence. Copywriters need to use relevant alternatives and phrases rather than stuffing with keyword for better search ranking
  3. Amazon provides 5 fields of 100 characters each; make sure to use it well.

Check this great post by Search Engine Journal to know more about hidden keywords.

To wrap up

These tips will strengthen the copywriting you do for Amazon product description. With a thoughtfully crafted description penned by a good copywriter, you can be assured of better visibility and increased sales on the e-commerce site.

Want to do more for your Amazon store? Then check out this great post by Neil Patel on ranking better on Amazon product search.

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