4 Content Writing Techniques to Enable Conversions

content writing techniques to enable conversion

content writing techniques to enable conversion

Did you know that the average attention span of a digital content consumer is 8 seconds?

This stat puts a lot of pressure on a digital marketer to improve visibility, encourage engagement, and drive conversions. As a content writing agency we know that this challenge can be overcome by compelling content that readers like to read and wholeheartedly agree with, thus improving conversions

BTW, if you have read till here it means that you have crossed this average! (So, it’s a Yay for us!)

In this age of shrinking attention spans, the role of a content writer becomes all the more crucial. Be it a blog, e-commerce product description, or even website content, you need to work doubly hard so that you can craft a distinct space for your customer’s brands with words.

What if you were provided with easy to implement content writing techniques that can enable conversion with its stickiness? Well, this is exactly what we are going to cover today.

Which are these handy techniques for content writing?

1 – Paint an authority picture

Your readers will not take you seriously unless you portray a perception of industry authority. Suppose, if a mobile manufacturer needs to build a brand authority, he needs to keep pushing helpful, trending, and fresh content. Once readers discover your site and get value from your blogs, they will not mind spending time regularly to visit your site in the future. And this will be the first step towards building brand loyalty.

How to do this – Increase the pull of your content with highlight text in ‘quotes’

An industry authority perception is required in order to enable conversions from inbound marketing – Hanif Hasan

2 – Use compelling images and statistics

Images and videos are great visual enablers that enhance the visibility of your content. Even gurus like Backlinko support the fact that using images in a content boosted its credibility by 75%.

Check this post for free stock image sources to add to your blog

In addition, you need to link to sources if you are presenting number, stats, figures, or charts to make your case. This help lend credibility to the content you are writing and provides more matter to read in case the reader is interested. For instance when we say

Content Marketing costs over 62% less but generates a whopping 3 times the leads as outbound marketing

… in order to make a case of article writing services, we need to show the source.

In this case, the source was from a Guide to Marketing Genius: Content Marketing posted on the Demand Metric site.

3 – Present storytelling in the content

Even a bit of storytelling can go a long way in captivating the readers’ attention of the readers and keeping them hooked. Relating your point with real life cases can help boost conversions like nothing else.

Take this example of looking at trends in Uber for trucks business in the US

The content started with this intro

A lanky Dan Lewis had a great job when completing college. He made sure to deliver furniture and boxes in trucks. Who knew that this summer job would bring about one of the biggest disruptors in commercial trucking industry in the USA?

Yes, it is the same lanky kid who went on to become the co-founder of Seattle-based Convoy in 2015.

It instantly resonates with the reader, creates excitement, and prompts him to read further.

4 – Provide content in digestible portions

Our YouTube video shows this as one of the key secret sauces for a blog post.  One of the content writing techniques is to breaking up big chunks of text into easily digestible portions can ensure that the reader doesn’t abandon the post mid-way. Other ways to enable this are –

1 – Provide lists wherever you can in the content.

2 – Add headings and sub-headings within the content

A reader first scans through the content headings/sub-headings (i.e. the text part marked in bold in this content). If he sees something of value then he goes and starts reading earnestly. That is why this point is mandatory to improve the stickiness of the content.

To sign off

Always remember,

the Internet has tons of valuable content. It has become routine rather than a differentiator

These steps will help you make a mark in content writing and truly create a difference to your customer’s business.

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