4 Proofreading Hacks for Data Analytics Web Content

proofreading hack for error-free content by website content writers

Data management and data analytics companies face tremendous competition due to the crowded online space. Because of this, they demand impeccable content that is preferably generated by website content writers as a part of their inbound marketing strategies. Well-articulated website content not only has the power to keep the reader hooked but also enables conversions for the data analytics company with meaningful and helpful content. By stating the benefits accurately for end readers, your client can jump-start on engaging with total strangers online and convert them to fruitful business opportunities.

As a content writing expert, when you develop website content for a data analytics company, you need to deliver the same in top shape. For this, your proofreading has to be top-notch. If you are looking for useful hacks to improve your website content proofreading skills then these tips will definitely be of help:

1 – Check the content structure

Your content needs to display the below important characteristics of website content that will be read till the end

a – Flow of thought should be logical

  • Start with pain points of target readers
  • Introduce your product/service and how it will address these pain points
  • Features/USP of the product/service
  • Benefits that the readers will get when they connect with the data analytics client

b – These points will become sub-headings and within each of them will be smaller chunks of content in list order. This enables easy readability

c – The wording should be conversational (with a lot of ‘we’, ‘us’, and ‘our’) so that the content establishes a connection with the reader

2 – Check for facts

You need to have a rudimentary knowledge of what a specific technology does or is used for. So if a client deals in Pig, Spark, or Hive, then you need to know that Pig is a high-level data flow scripting language, Hive is a data warehouse system, and Spark does data processing. While you don’t need to know in-depth, such high-level knowledge lets you write appropriate website content and be factually accurate at the same time

3 – Basic proofreading checks

You need to absolutely check for correct spelling, correct grammar (based on whether it is UK English or US English), and correct flow of thought from start to end. Here are some common grammar misses that website content writers need to be aware of while developing web content.

4 – Check for fluff

You need to check that every sentence discusses one idea or thought worth reading. Beating around the bush or providing very general information will be recipes for disaster in the website content.  For example, the ‘About us’ page may say “We are experts in data analytics”. The readers will think ‘So what?’

Content created by expert website content writers should address this important question. It can elaborate on stating as below:

“We have a 30+ team of experts in ETL, data warehousing, data analytics, visualization and BI. This lets us take end-to-end data collection, transformation, analysis, and reporting projects. As a result, you can see significant gains in ROI in your business”

So step up your website content writing game with these proofreading hacks for your data analytics client.

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