4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Marketing Case Study

case study marketing

Many complex business use cases require a proof of successful execution, before it can be handed over to a vendor. When the vendor company prepares a report on what was the problem covered, and how did they solve it, this report is known as a marketing case study.

Case studies content writing ensures that the message is conveyed in a subtle yet simple way. Reading the case study, the potential customer is assured that the vendor company is a good fit and is capable of solving the business need

Interesting tips to ensure a great marketing case study

A marketing case study plays a vital role in an organization as the customers, the prospectus, and the partners are benefited with this. To write a marketing case study here are some factors that need to be considered.

  1. Explain the solution offered in form of storytelling

A marketing case study should explain the past experiences of an organization. It allows the customers, the partners to get an overview of what the organization does. Here are some questions that a case study will seek to answer

  • The problem a customer was trying to solve when using the product or solution?
  • What needs was the product able to meet?

Together they will seek to answer a bigger question – What was the problem and how was it solved for the client. This is depicted by outlining the various steps taken to do the same in the case study.

  1. Highlighting the problems faced by the client

The problem statement is the first part of a marketing case study. It explains the different issues that were faced by the client, and how current solutions in the market weren’t able to solve it.

This will lead to introducing the product in the next section which will talk about the features and functionalities present in the solution, and how was it built. By showcasing the past experience of the caliber, a service or solution provider can easily gain the trust of the target audience and help result in sales conversion.

case study marketing

  1. Clarity helps

The case study needs to have a clear section about the difficulties faced by the client and how the current solution does not help in this scenario. After that, there will be a section in which there is an introduction to a new product with different functions and features.

This section should be well defined and be clear to the point. The marketing case study needs to be easily digestible. It should be direct, without beating around the bush.

  1. Re-Use in Various Formats

You can re-purpose the case study into multiple formats. It can be re-used multiple times to improve your content marketing efficacy. Once it has been converted to different forms like a blog, slideshow, or a video, it can be marketed to a wider set of audience. This helps to extract better ROI from your single case study.

Instead of the 3 sections we spoke of in a case study, we can re-format it in a blog as below –

a – The blog title to tell what was the problem being solved

b – Blog intro will speak about the issue faced in the current context

c – A brief introduction about the tool will be presented in the main body, followed by the advantages presented to the client by the solution.

d – The blog can end with a brief call to action requesting access for more info on the tool

Concluding views

These were a few components which can help you design and share a great case study with the help of content writing experts. In the end, you need to make sure that your sales rep and your customers need to get a clear indication about your product’s USP. This will ensure that the case study content helps you win valuable business and new client accounts based on your domain authority in your chosen niche.

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