4 Pssst! Tips to Help Sustain your Content Writing Business

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When you are starting out with your own content writing agency, it can be exciting at the start.  You will find a lot of ‘hand holding’ resources on the Internet to guide you in your venture.

A few months down the line, however, the work might become a barrier to your content development enthusiasm. These may include questions like –

  1. What to write?
  2. Will the content be engaging?
  3. Will I be able to add a commercial value to my clients?

…and so on…

It is not at all surprising to note that these doubts play on every newbie writer or content writing service provider. Unfortunately there are no ‘how-to’, ‘tips’, or ‘guidelines’ for this stage where you are at the most vulnerable point in your entrepreneurship career.

Well, help is at hand now.

4 Pssst Tips to Help Sustain your Content Writing Services Business

Based on our hands-on experience operating in the content writing space for the last few years, here is our quick pssst! lowdown on how you can accomplish more and make your content writing business a success.

  1. Have fun! & Love your Content Writing Work

Content writing is one of the most creative jobs available to take up. It means that it can also be one of the most tedious especially if you are working under deadline or are facing the dreaded ‘writer’s block’. The good news is that writing is an art that can be mastered just like any other creative medium.

And what will help get you there faster?

It will happen when you love what you are doing and don’t mind working long hours for a creative output with words and graphics. Keeping it light will help you surmount pressures better and thus let you enjoy what you do.

  1. Read to Write

This is my favorite!

With 19 vendors working with me, I expect only one maxim from them –

Develop content that engages.

And this is not easy. As a content writing services provider, you need to have a range of vocabulary in your arsenal, understand your customers’ customers, and think in native English when writing. These factors can be brought about by reading, reading, and more reading. In fact I am happy to recommend any aspiring writer this simple formula –

The amount of time spent reading is directly proportional to the value provided by content writing

Trust me, the formula is phenomenal. Your knowledge bank is credited by reading and you can use it when you write with authority on different niches.

My Suggestion? Entrepreneur (for style) and Quora (for matter)

  1. Stay focused, always

Most of the writers, including me face the huge problem of distractions surrounding them. It is not easy staying away from the temptations of internet, mobile, and T.V. However you need to stay focused in order to craft a compelling copy that engrosses.

Try out RescueTime to keep track of the productive things you do in front of your PC. Keeping regular check on your time spent will help you be more productive in long run.

  1. Keeping the audience in the mind

The only key that defines engrossing content is….?

Yes, Engagement.

By creating valuable, shareable content, you ensure your content goes viral and helps propel conversion rate. When your words resonate with your audience’s needs, preferences, and pain point, conversions are bound to follow. Jeff Bullas’ elaborate blog post shows you how this can be done to great effect.

To conclude, your success as a proficient content writing services provider lies in being disciplined and learning by reading. Let us know which other factor plays an important role in taking your business to the next level.

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