4 Vital Tips for Boosting the Impact of Fashion Content Writing


It is a proven fact the fashion e-commerce sites can boost their organic search rankings by improving the product description and category pages.

By peppering it with keyword-rich content, you can ensure that your brand pops-up right at the time your target customers are searching for a particular attire or fashion accessory.

This perhaps explains the resounding success faced by Overstock.com. They had employed a content staff to polish their product descriptions. Doing so for just 10% of the products led to a dramatic jump of 84% increase in organic traffic.

That is the power of relevant and riveting content for fashion brands online.

What tips to consider in fashion content writing?

Here are some tips that your content writers can adopt to ensure that they extract maximum engagement from fashion shoppers

1 – Is the fashion content personalized?

You need to know who you are writing for. Imagine if a lady gets a newsletter content discussing tips to maintain a beard!

In the fashion industry, it is important to create compelling copy that targets a specific demographic.

If you are writing for a suit brand, its best to discuss topics around men’s fashion. If you want to write for a ladies’ shoes brand then all content must focus on female-centric information.

This will bring down the blog’s bounce rate and help engage with the intended audience for longer.

2 – Is the brand personality factored in?

Did you know that there is a distinct brand perception around every fashion and accessory label?

So, a Nasty Gal may have a funky yet brash appeal, another store like Shein may have a formal tone to every product description.

Make sure that as a content writing expert, you are aware of the tonality and follow it. This way, the content will stay in line with the brand personality.


3 – Are all areas of fashion content optimized?

There are different forms of content that can create an impact on shopper’s mind. Make sure that the content writer pays attention to all of them rather than just focusing on the main product description

As a recent study showed the below 6 areas that can sway purchase decisions with crisp and informative content. Experts consider these forms of content to be the most important factors when making a purchase from a site or app:

  1. Product Specifications – 76%
  2. Reviews – 71%
  3. Images – 66%
  4. Sales information – 38%
  5. FAQs – 28%
  6. Videos – 13%

Make sure to proofread the content so that the content writer removes all grammatical and spelling issues before publishing.

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4 – Does the copy match the actual product description?

A common example in fashion content writing is the way brands get mixed up with leatherette and faux leather. These are two similar-looking yet completely different materials.

Make sure that the fashion content writers know the product well before they write the copy for the same. Give as much information as possible to the content writer in order to craft accurate product descriptions.

The copy you choose to display on the site will impact the amount of satisfaction a customer receives upon receiving the product.

This explains why 50% of the shoppers have returned an item they bought online, simply because it didn’t match the product description.

More worrying is the stat that 54% of the people are less likely to make a repeat purchase from a seller if they have returned an item.

Make a smart move and get professional copywriting assistance

These tips are likely to elicit a higher percentage of conversions and lower bounce rate or cart abandonment. As an outcome, compelling content can be a direct influencer on your fashion label’s topline.

Make sure to get on board a competent content writing agency to generate maximum ROI on this challenging objective.

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