5 Interesting Components of a Good Blog

Components of a good blog

These days, blog content writing is in great demand to promote online business and enhance engagement with mobile users. More and more businesses hire blog writing companies to promote and publicize their products and services. Here we shall discuss how can a blog capture the right attention and gain popularity with a sound readership.

1: Aim and purpose

A blog needs to have a good and specific reason behind its creation. Only then will it gain readership increase. A blog content that seems to be direct and to the point, touching all the aspects of the topic successfully, truly justifies in its being.

A good blog has a basic topic to cover, starts with a brief introduction, evidence and proofs supporting it and end the write-up with a well summed up conclusion. Also it has a single central idea/ theme throughout.

A good blog is original and fresh and this makes it stand apart from the rest. The blog content may discuss any topic but the add-on, views and opinions should be different and logical to make the content, interesting and capture the attention of the reader.

Tip – Make sure that the flow of idea from one para to another is not jarring or abrupt, but smooth

Components of a good blog

2: Title and opening

The reader has a very short span of attention and if the title of the blog is unusual or unique, he will definitely give attention to it and read the blog content out of curiosity. Hence, a catchy interesting title goes a long way to provide utility and entertainment factor to the content. This is precisely why an apt title attracts the reader to go through the blog content keeping his interest and excitement, intact.

Another important factor that every blogger should keep in mind is that the start of the content should be solid, revolving, and hitting directly at the topic that is being focused upon. The starting paragraph is highly responsible for seeking readers and managing to keep them hooked to the content and hungry to read it all until the end.

Tip – Here is my favorite guide to creating powerful headlines

3: Layout and images

A well-structured blog is usually balanced and clearly created using bullets or numbering, thus making it easy to scan and more pleasing to the eyes. Similarly, the use of subheadings is a great step to add value and credibility to the write-up.

Apart from this, it is a well-known fact that visuals and illustrations have more mass appeal than the usual boring text. For this reason, supporting write-ups with the right attractive images contributes a lot in its readership. Clear and informative images add to the quality of the content and render them exciting and interesting.

Tip – the use of alt-image for every image improves your SEO potential

4: Language and links

The basic important in an effective blog writing is the use of the language and aptness of grammar. If the language is lucid and clear, more viewers will stop and read it but if too many complicated and complex words are used, the common person may not understand it. Therefore, the blog writing should crisp and clear to understand and the blogger should refrain from using too many difficult words and phrases. Similarly, wrong grammar is also a great put off for any reader going through the write-up. Proper punctuation and use of adverbs, idioms and examples at the right places, all add due value to the blog.

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5: Links and call to action

An ideal blogger usually concentrates on the SEO search engine optimization factor. Thus with the availability of all the relevant internal and external links, the reader finds it easy to explore more on the topic and gain a reference from the right places. This is more of quality oriented rather than quantity oriented.

Similarly, an ideal closing of the blog would be to request and urge the reader to do a certain action like order a book or comment on the post and even suggest improvements on the same. This is the best virtual option available that can boost the readership and increase the engagement of the targeted audience.

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These are some of the basic components that go in to make a blog effective and justify its existence. Following them will certainly increase the impact of content writing to engage and convert site users to loyal customers.

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