secrets of professional SEO writers

5 Secrets of Content Writers to Ensure SEO Success

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SEO blogs and articles are the most important way of driving the right amount of traffic to the website. People reading online content from professional SEO writers are often hooked to continue reading. The content’s stickiness helps them get more product-related information. This, in turn, boosts brand engagement and improves conversion potential. 

These blogs and articles serve the function of getting the primary attention. Whereas, the information on the website serve them better in giving them more in-depth and technical knowledge. 

secrets of professional SEO writers

How can professional SEO writers improve their offerings?

Although most of the content are based on the same product and services, they emphasise on different aspects of the products and have a different impact on the reader. This scenario is why most clients depend on a regular supply of content to gain a rankings boost. Even experts concur that such informative content takes brand visibility to an altogether new level.

There are various ways to make sure that every content stands true to its purpose. Here below are some of them for professional SEO content writers. 

1- Keyword research is critical

Content will be effective only if it is getting the right traffic. The target audience looks up information online using a set of keywords. These phrases entered into the Google search bar are relevant to their topic of interest. 

Choosing the right keywords for the content is essential because it is what leads a potential customer to the blog or article, and subsequently to the website. Choosing the right keyword is necessary. Some of them get outdated. Hence, make sure to keep your research going. Digital marketing experts concur that keyword research is one of the most crucial areas that can make or break your SEO campaign’s outcomes.

Too little use of the keywords makes them redundant, and too much repetition makes the content look superfluous. It is advisable to meet the balance. Some software tools can check for any gap in the keywords for your content and give valid suggestions.

2- Professional SEO writers create compelling content

There are several pieces of content online that are woven with the same keywords. Even if some rank nearer and appear on the first page but do not match the reader’s query, then people often skip them.

The best way to make sure that you get the right attention from the correct number of people is to give them what they want. To start with, make sure the topic suits the query. Also, add relevant meta-descriptions. These two things work wonders in the search engine results. 

Secondly, make sure to write every headline having a funnelling effect of the content. If the content is to be written in order like tips and guidelines, then write the headlines in a step by step order. If there is no such ascending order required then, make sure to follow the sequence in terms of the importance of the headlines. 

Avoid fluff and flowery language. It makes the content sound unnecessarily wordy without any valuable information added in. Keep it concise. The quality and value of information in the content are more important than the other bells and whistles. Professional SEO writers add unique and outstanding qualities of the products and services to make it more effective. 

5 secrets of professional SEO writers

3- Understand what is technical SEO

There are a lot of things that work in the background after your content gets posted on blogs. Things like HTTPS enablement across a domain, maximisation of crawl budget, and JavaScript minification are some of the required next few steps once content is ready. 

If you are a freelance content writer or an executive in an SEO content writing company, without digital marketing certification, then mostly you won’t have to worry about these processes. Nevertheless, getting some idea on some of the technical stuff works can help you devise your content effectively. 

We advise you to know how Google crawls pages and gives out link authority. It helps you get an insight into how your content is linked up with others and the website.

4- Make the content fairly lengthy (without losing value)

The press release is an excellent example of being brief yet useful content. However, this brevity is not recommended for articles that demand detailed information. Potential customers, who are searching for a useful product are service usually prefer elaborative and an all-compassing source of information.  And if your blog does that, then believe me, they will remain hooked to the content till the end.

Many SEO content developers agree that long form valuable content help them ideate the topic well. Admittedly, not many customers have the patience for reading the articles through; however, they have options to read essential points on the blog. It is recommended to write content between 600 to 1000 words. 

Some studies show that Google favours lengthier content. As per a 2013 study, Google ranked content of more than 2000 words, in its top list. 

However, the length should not dilute the impact of the blog. Many content writers simply start being repetitive after a point in the blog or beat around the bush to meet the word count. Don’t do this. 

Remember that “People buy from people they trust. It’s what makes a loyal customer”. 

To avoid losing sight of the content after a point of time, you can create an outline of a blog. This approach helps to see the topics to be covered and how much coverage does each point need.

5- Revisit your work

SEO is a continual process. There are several reasons why some content do not get much attention. Besides, some blogs may work effectively for some time but drop down in traffic-generation over a while. 

A good SEO content writing company will periodically re-visit the past works and run the keyword check software tools. They will tell you about the gaps in new keywords and the content that you need to fill. Also, update the content, stats and figures accordingly.


These were some useful top five secrets of professional SEO content writers. Get in touch with our SEO writing experts and get high volume of premium content for your SEO and online marketing purposes.

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