5 Secrets to a Winning Real Estate Content Writing Formula

real estate content writing

A savvy real estate business owner has many digital marketing initiatives to pursue. SEO is perhaps one of the most cost-effective and impactful avenues. As per Ahrefs, 53.3% of all website traffic comes from organic search, powered by SEO. And content writing helps accelerate SEO for your real estate business.

But there is a problem here. Users know that it is now easy to look up many real estate business owners. How do you ensure that their attention remains fixed on your website? 

Well-articulated content developed strategically can help. 

Today, we take a look at how to ensure maximum ROI from real estate content writing. Real estate writers use these strategies to kickstart lead generation and convert visitors to customers. 

What tips ensure quality content writing for real estate?

Whether you are a realtor or property developer, you need to know a few handy real estate content writing tips that work for your industry. 

1 – Less of Features, More of Benefits 

Your website content needs to be arranged to convey every bit of information clearly. Homebuyers and sellers would want to know what’s in it for them when they go for your property. 

When the content says, “The apartment has a 3-phase lift back up with 90% efficiency”, the reader might ask, “What’s in it for me?”. So, you should answer that query.

Hence, the content can say, “You get uninterrupted power supply for lifts in the apartment so that you don’t have to exert yourself climbing the stairs in case of a power cut.”

In the second option, the website content clearly mentions the USP for buyers or tenants when they choose to stay at the apartment.

2 – Use of Blogs

Blogs for real estate websites work as a lead generation machine. You post valuable information about general topics on tips, questions, and step-by-step guides in your blog. You can infuse the blog with appropriate keywords. 

With this measure, you get well-articulated blog content loved by people and Google.  

Some topics that you can write on include: 

  1. News, trends, statistics, and top stories on real estate sector in a particular market. 
  2. Information on upcoming or sold projects and their USPs
  3. Guide readers about financing a home loan or steps to check before buying a resale home
  4. Develop content around a neighborhood that has your presence. Doing so will pull more readers to enquire about your properties in that locality. 

Blogs have emerged as one of the most potent weapons for an SEO webmaster. With compelling, high-quality real estate blog writing, you can attract loads of site traffic. This volume translates to a higher likelihood of engagement and conversion. 

3 – Use of Visual Content

The content creator knows that simply putting reams of text won’t work for a real estate website. She will blend other forms of visual content like infographics, videos, and maps. Using such forms of SEO-optimized visual content will be a lead magnet for your site. They attract a lot of attention and drive organic traffic to your site. 

Since these forms of content come with social sharing buttons, users are happy to share on their social media handles. This works well to spread your visibility far and wide.  

4 – Use of FAQs

Buying a home is a stressful process. It is one of the biggest purchases of a household. No wonder that the buyer may have a lot of questions. Your content should be able to address them fully. It will help to have an FAQ page added to the website. 

It will provide extra information not present anywhere on the site. 

Frame questions you regularly hear when you are at the sales office. You will know what questions should be a part of your FAQ. Use a professional real estate writer to ensure that your FAQ is factually correct and free of typos. 

5 – Social media presence

If you are in the real estate sector, you might know that almost all your target buyers, tenants, landlords, and sellers will have a social media presence. How good would it be to build your brand visibility on this crucial marketing channel?

Real estate content writers create highly compelling and visually appealing posts. Such posts can be about the general industry or about your specific service. It can also be about a specific property listing. You can also add snippets of research, statistics, data, or takeaways. 

Some content creators will create memes, client success stories, and infographics to convey data in a concise form. Then they can share these on the social media handle of your brand to create a buzz among the target audience. 

There are various channels available to you for promoting your real estate company. Perhaps, you should focus your energy on Facebook and Instagram the most. Use catchy captions and hashtags to create irresistible posts. 

To conclude

You can create compelling real estate content as per the above guidelines to steer your company in the right direction. But it is clear that such a content creation process is taxing. You need to continuously create high-quality content in order to have a competitive edge in SERPs. 

But who says you have to do all the work yourself when you have the pros at your service?

You can use a professional real estate content writer like Textuar. It will do a stellar job of creating magic with words.   

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