5 Tips to Build a Compelling Blog Headline


A book is known by its cover. In the same way, a good piece of content, if it is supported by a sound catchy headline, adds to its existing value. The headline not only summarizes the content, but it also helps in boosting the readership of the page. Hence, headlines add the much-needed edge and value to any good write up. Here are some simple steps to keep in mind while creating an effective blog headline.

  1. Catchy and curious

Did you know that there are 2 million blogs published every single day?! The ever-increasing virtual crowd and the flood of competition make it necessary to support one’s write up with an eye-grabbing headline that generates intrigue.

  1. Include numbers

According to a Outbrain and Hubspot survey, blog headlines consisting of numbers generate better click volume as compared to those without numbers. Numbers and figures add a boost to the content, making them more specific and accurate, thus invite more readership. This also ensures the write up getting good viewership.

Let us cite an example to support this point. Here are two likely headlines.

  1. Some tips in app development
  2. 7 tips in iOS app development

No prizes in guessing, which may be more apt for the headline slot. Headline B is more descriptive and hence provides more information to readers.


  1. Use of brackets

Most of the reputed and well-placed bloggers use brackets or parentheses in their content. This ensures attention towards the same. The Outbrain and Hubspot survey took a look at 3.3 million paid links and found that headlines with brackets performed 38% better than headlines that didn’t have the brackets. Of course, the relevance and context has to be there when you insert the brackets in the headlines.

  1. Bold statements and strong words

Always use bold, creative and controversial statements when you are framing a blog headline . This tends to give it an extra sense of curiosity n the reader is very likely to go through the entire content, in order to know more and satisfy his queries. In the same way, let the words be strong and add apt and appealing adjectives to enhance the readership of your content.

  1. Consider other competitive headlines

The ideal blogger usually scans and considers going through, his competitors, their headlines. Thus, keeping himself abreast of the right trending norms in headlines writing, he creates an impactful blog headline to his writ up. Therefore, a sure visit to other similar related pages can broaden and widen the views thus enabling him to come up with suitable and crisp headlines.

Signing off

Keeping in mind, these pointers, a blog writing company can actually come up with the right headlines that can give an extra edge to their articles. This will enhance its readability online. After all, even Copyblogger has corroborated that “on average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest”.

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