5 Tactics You Need to Know About Copywriting for Websites

copywriting rules for website

Website copywriting is a highly rewarding career option these days considering how much the internet relies on content. Copywriting companies help mobilize massive revenue for your company. They are the assets crucial in maintaining a lucrative online presence and attracting attention towards your brand.

Website copywriting  is a skill that does not come by simply. It needs a considerable amount of training and practice. Though all that training and hard-work is necessary there is something more. There are a few rules every professional copywriting agency must know of as cardinal rules. The integration of these rules would help you make out the most from the content you post online.

What tactics muscle up copywriting for website content?

Here, we run you down five copywriting rules that are essential to make your online content rewarding.

1 – The heading is the most important part

There is so much of content available online that your average reader is busy skimming through it all. This means that his or her attention span is in seconds.

In order to catch and fix those eyeballs to read what you write, you need to grab their attention. The first thing your reader encounters about your copy is the headline. That is where you need to direct most of your efforts.

Your headline needs to be a call to action or a promise like

  1. Top 7 Ways to…
  2. You cannot afford to miss…
  3. How to effortlessly master…

Professional copywriting experts suggest using this to hook in your reader in the most effective manner possible.

2 – Excite the reader

Your battle is half won owing to your headline, though the other half remains to be won. Now you have your reader on your page so you have to keep him or her here by providing more reasons to be here.

From the very first line onwards, you need to hook your reader to your content and leave them asking for more with each line. This is rightly called “The Hook” of a novel because it is used to hook readers to novels. How should you hook readers to your online copy?

You can start off with a question, an anecdote, a quote, or you can every state some interesting facts, statistics or just post something out of the blues which adds up to shock value.

3 – Adhere to the copywriting structure

There is a basic structure to copywriting that you need to adhere to. This will definitely give you the results you desire. The structure is “SLAP” which is simplified here:

  1. S – Stop: Grab attention
  2. L – Look and/or Listen: make copy interesting by using hook
  3. A – Act: Call for action by putting a time limit on offer, featuring benefits and giving guarantee
  4. P – Purchase: is the ultimate goal. You have to make it easier for your reader to purchase the product or the service

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4 – Sell the benefits

You are the one selling the product so you are the one having complete knowledge of it. You need to tactfully pitch in the benefits of what you have to offer. To determine what makes your product better than the others, ask these questions:

  1. How is your product better than its competitors?
  2. What results can the reader expect from this product?
  3. Why would the reader’s life be better with this product or service?

This helps to create an image in the mind of the reader and encourages him/her to visualise how their life would differ if they had this product or availed of this service. 

5 – Keep It Simple

Many website copywriters  swear by KISS principle (Keep It Simple Silly!). Your customer can be a highly educated CEO or a college dropout business owners. It is necessary to engage with every type of person within you’re your target market segment.

With the KISS principle, you can tone down the content to keep it simple (silly!) and make it easy to read and understand for even a 6th grade student.

To sign off

These tactics in website copywriting  will come in handy when you need a conversion-oriented copy to be developed.

Know of any other website copywriting tip that can drive conversions? Then write to us and let us know.

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