5 Types of Landing Pages that Use Content to Convert

landing pages use content to convert

Summary – Interested to see the types of landing pages that provide the stimulus for the visitor to stay and move closer to your conversion goals? Here are a few flavors of landing pages that use content to enable a spike in your site traffic graph.

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Who is it for – Digital marketers, web developers, internet marketing agencies, and website owners.

 Still wondering why your business visibility lacks the wow factor you were hoping for? Or are you troubled by the stagnant growth even with professional content writing? Turns out that all you might need is a landing page that is innovative and engaging at the same time.

A landing page is a gateway to your website, the very first page that takes the user to your website from the search engine results. So, you’ve got visitors now. But do not celebrate as yet. You will need to engage the attention of the visitor. What will you do to ensure that the visitor stays? Because if you do not do something, he/she is just going to grace your website with a quick glance and within the next few moments, your website ends up forgotten as a sad reminder in their browser’s history.

First impressions matter a lot when it comes to a casual surfer and a landing page will determine whether he is going to stay longer and really care about what you can offer him.

Today we look at the most successful ways in which you can use landing page to enable conversation and drive conversions.

1 – Call-to-action Pages

A simple and elegant way of getting the visitor’s attention is through a ‘call to action’. Ask yourself what you can offer for a visitor, construct that philosophy into a sentence in not more than 10 words using a simple font, accentuate the ‘call to action’ with a minimal but appealing image or video. Do not clutter around this area and make sure that the ‘call to action’ gets all the attention. Now you have a visitor who has an idea about what you can offer him and he is far more inclined to sign-up.

2 – Virtual Pages

Everybody likes a good game or a fascinating story. With the help of the various web development kits and motion graphic software, you can design a landing page that unfolds as a compelling game or an immersive story with just a click or scroll and you will have visitors flocking to your website by the hundreds even if you don’t have a specific product or service to offer. Yes, an interactive website takes more effort and skill to be executed to perfection but it will cease to matter as you witness the improved traffic.

3 – Brand Pages

Remember those lifestyle e-mags and online fashion stores that compel us to stay longer and keep scrolling? Websites like these, target the visitor’s aesthetic and fashion taste while they find themselves coming back for more. With captivating promotional product descriptions, images, and videos, your customers get to know your products well and develop a bond with them.

4 – Microsites

If your website has an engaging landing page but still struggle to fetch those hits, microsites are your best option. Basically, it’s a website within a website that provides more interactive fun to your visitors. Microsites are best used for promotional campaigns or whenever you want to generate hype for a new product or service that you plan to unveil. It can also serve as a page which contains all the informative content about your website.

5 – Lead Capturing Page

Or you can probably forget about all the aforementioned Landing page design styles and instead opt to provide an ultimatum to the visitors and coerce them with an offer they simply can’t refuse. This style is minimal with the landing page usually containing only a ‘call for action’ and a form where the visitor inputs their email id if he/she is interested.

Innovate your landing pages and get those extra hits to take your website to the next level of online presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is a landing page crucial for enhancing business visibility and engagement?

A landing page performs as the gateway to a website, but its significance goes beyond mere entry. It is essential to have an innovative and engaging landing page to capture the attention of visitors. This can keep them engaged with your website’s content.

  1. What role do first impressions play in retaining visitors on a landing page?

First impressions are crucial, especially when dealing with casual internet surfers. A landing page influences whether a visitor stays longer and genuinely engages with your website’s offerings. There are many elements that contribute to creating a positive first impression.

  1. How can a ‘Call-to-action Page’ effectively capture a visitor’s attention?

The ‘Call-to-action Page’ is highlighted as a way to grab a visitor’s attention. Businesses can construct a compelling call to action in less than 10 words. However, what elements should be emphasized to ensure it gets the visitor’s full attention needs to be understood.

  1. What is the concept of ‘Virtual Pages,’ and how do they contribute to increased website traffic?

‘Virtual Pages’ are mentioned as a unique approach to landing page design. Businesses can leverage web development kits and motion graphic software to create an interactive and engaging landing page. The idea behind this page should be of unfolding a game or story. While doing so, you also need to evaluate the impact this has on website traffic.

  1. How do ‘Microsites’ enhance website engagement, especially during promotional campaigns?

Microsites are suggested as an effective solution for improving website hits, particularly during promotional campaigns. Microsites function as a website within a website that provides interactive content and generates hype for new products or services. Businesses should use microsites to convey informative content about their offerings.

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