5 Ways online Press Releases enhance SEO

Press Release for SEO

With SEO turning out to be an indispensable marketing necessity, online entrepreneurs are increasingly warming up to the concept, as well as trying their best to achieve search engine optimization goals. As the result, the virtual platform is witnessing the emergence of new strategies and best practices each day.

Press releases are the latest addition to the list of extraordinary SEO tactics. And giving it a shot will be worth the decision. Here’s why.

Ways to enhance SEO

Whether it is a product launch, event, charitable donations, or new acquisitions and mergers, press releases always generate a certain amount interest about your business. Breaking news releases leave indelible impressions and impacts on the minds of your target audience, thus presenting your venture in an entirely new light.

Some of the popular ways press releases enhance SEO include:

  1. Increases Google indexed pages

The virtual platform works on certain exclusive principles and rules. Your brand familiarity shares a directly proportional relationship with the number of indexed pages on your business website.

Adding press releases to your website will help Google index your web pages, even more, leading to increased traffic, leads, and inbound links.

  1. B’ for branding

Branding seems to be one of the prime responsibilities of every web marketer and website owner. Remember, it is a brand that enjoys high ranks in SERPs, thus attracting innumerable customers. Press releases reestablish your authority in the respective market, thus strengthening your branding efforts.


  1. Diversifies content strategy

Those looking for a new and unique content marketing plan must think about including PRs. All you need to do is devise a perfect marketing plan for diversifying your content marketing strategies.

Releasing ‘Big news’ or ‘Breaking News’, might not be the perfect strategy always. Try to present compelling stories on various aspects of your dream venture. Emerge as a thought leader, as that fetches a lot of attention in the B2B landscape.

  1. Popularize yourself

The option of news releases makes you the controller of your wishes. The right technology and a streaming internet connection are all you need. Website owners and content developers will have complete liberty of popularizing their contents without professional journalists and reporters.

That will inevitably take your search engine optimization goals forward.

  1. Enough room in SERPs

Achieving top ranks in search engine result pages will automatically fulfill your SEO targets. Adding press releases means you have brand new contents about your website. You will not only acquire more shares in SERPs but also in the minds of your potential customers.

Tips to follow

Online press releases will prove to be a successful search marketing strategy if you know the art of implementing it correctly. The following tips might just save your day.

  • The power of links

    Never forget to add informative links to your website.

  • Right Keywords:

    Target, choose, and include optimized keywords.

  • Spread the word:

    Make your press releases available in several other destinations including video channels, social media platforms, and other places.

  • Create fantastic press releases:

    The news released by you will only make a bang, if it’s truly worth it. Make sure your PRs are exciting, relevant, amazing, and emotional.

Now you know how press releases are creating quite a buzz in the virtual arena.

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