6 Free Tools and Resources Used by Content Writing Companies

free content writing tools

There was once a time when the typewriter was only the piece of machinery a writer had at his disposal. But now, the world of internet opens another wide world of several apps, resources, and tools which a writer can use to make his content’s quality exceptional. Content writing companies can vouch that the task can be challenging for some because the content not only needs to be top-notch but should be well-articulated and unique. Additionally, every writer has a different form and style of writing and needs to craft his content accordingly. Therefore, the tools and resources which a writer uses for his content development services differ from person to person.

What tools power up content writing companies in India?

To make it simple for you to make your choice among these content writing apps and tools, here is a list of the most effective among them used by the best content writing companies in India.

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the world’s best online tool to check grammar. It not only provides the best features for best-in-class grammar checking but also is also free for personal use. The app, though named “Grammarly”, goes beyond just fixing misspelt words and overlooked grammar mistakes, it also identifies words which have been used in the wrong context, even though spelt correctly. Therefore, it ensures that the quality of the content written by you is not diminished for any reason and helps you in providing the best content writing services.

free content writing tools

  1. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is a tool which can be used either online or by downloading its app. It is a simple proofreading and word processing tool which can be a boon for writers. The app uses color codes to highlight the issues and common errors in the content and helps the writers in writing in a simple and clear, yet powerful manner. It detects all kinds of errors like the occurrence of adverbs, tough to read sentences, complex words or phrases, the presence of passive voice within the text and many more. It also has many formatting features and offers the facility to write directly in the app. This app is a must-have for content writing companies as it will help in making the content more professional and well-articulated.

  1. Ilys

While writing in Ilys, you get control over almost everything using a dashboard. It also has a “Ninja Mode”, which turns off everything else on the screen while you type so that you are not distracted by any letters or words. The main feature, although, is its unintuitive clever central feature, which literally forces the writer to never look back. The only thing displayed on the screen is the last letter you typed and you don’t get to look at the whole text until you’ve reached the word limit you entered. This is an excellent tool if you are providing content creation services where you have to be innovative and break your block.

  1. Calmly writer

Calmly writer is the best tool for you if you easily get distracted. It is streamlined and simple and makes you focus entirely on your writing. It provides the most basic content writing tools The application is designed to help you in concentrating all your ideas on the screen without any other things to worry about. It also has a “Focus Mode”, which makes everything else on the screen blurry except for the paragraph you are working on.

  1. DupliChecker

Content writing companies, as a general rule, do not accept any plagiarized content as it is a serious offence in academic circles. Therefore, it is essential that you check your text for any similarities with other works. Any duplicate content is detected by this software and it helps in making your content original. It is convenient and easy to use and gives instant results.

  1. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid provides a lot of features and acts as your grammar guru, style editor, and personal writing coach. It checks your writing for vague words, overused words and sentence length and suggests hundreds of improvements. The tool is able to identify almost all types of write-ups by checking spelling and grammar errors, plagiarized content and contextual mistakes. It also has a built-in thesaurus and a word explorer. The great functionalities built into ProWritingAid help the users in expressing their ideas more clearly and at the same time learn and expand their vocabulary. It is hands down one of the must-have software for all content writers.   To sign off, if you are serious about writing profession and pursuing content writing in India, these are some must have tools. At Textuar , we use them in making our content more accurate and engaging. We are sure that these tools will definitely improve your skills as a content writer.

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