7 Tips That Help You Write A Compelling Marketing Email

write a compelling marketing email

Writing compelling marketing email is an art that can be learned and practiced over time. You can be sure of keeping your readers hooked when your marketing emails are direct, free of ambiguous phrases, and clear in conveying the message behind your email. Here is our compilation on getting a captivating mailer ready with help of professional level content writing.

  1. Giving a unique subject line –

Your ‘subject line’ is the first impression your reader will get. If the subject line is catchy and strictly adhere to the main subject, there are more chances of the email being opened in the first place. A meaningful subject line becomes a doorway to the email marketing message you want your target readers to access.

  1. Using action oriented language –

    Action oriented language helps in communicating a dynamic email subject. A subject line that says – “get your favorite watch today” instead of ‘exclusive watches only for you’ is more convincing. When there are action generating words in your email, your audience is inclined to take action too.

  1. Giving personalized tone to your email –

    Bulk marketing emails are cold and do not reach to the audience as planned. Once you bring in a sense of ‘personal touch’ to your marketing message, it becomes personalized and unique for your consumers. A good content writing company in India can assist you in getting the right message across various audience segments.

  2. Bringing clarity and catchiness into a single message –

A clear message has the ability to strike the right cord with your target consumers. No one has time to extract out meaning from the bundle of over decorated and ambiguous sentences. Once you have drafted a clear message that can convey accurate information to your readers, you could enjoy the luxury of adding catchy words to your email copy. Always remember that clarity comes first followed by the catchiness in content writing.

  1. Align your subject line and email line copy –

    A coherent and synchronous subject line and email copy creates a good impression on your readers. If the subject line is too catchy, but the email copy is dull, the readers are sure to neglect your email and throw it in the ‘trash folder’. Once you assure that both stand in line with each other, it becomes easy to convey the right information.

  2. Use of ‘second person’ –

Emails using ‘you’, ‘your’ instantly attract attention of your readers. If you focus more on ‘what they want’ rather than ‘what you want’, there are better chances of your marketing email campaign becoming a success. When a message revolves around your audience, they automatically perceive it as ‘meaningful’ and ‘of interest’ to them. This content writing approach is used popularly across every copywriting agency.

  1. Explain the benefits for your customers –

Readers are not going to read your detailed theory of features and specialized products if you don’t clearly tell them – ‘how it can benefit them?’ A professional content writing company will focus on convincing readers about benefits of your service or product, rather than boasting your features and company profile.

Interested to create a gripping mailer for your brand? Then these 7 tips will be sure to come in handy.

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