8 Golden Rules of Effective Article Writing Services


Content writing for SEO and digital marketing is a combination of art, science and a bit of common sense. Currently 63% of online marketers struggle with generating traffic online. This is where the expertise of professional content writers comes in handy. Great content developed by article writing service experts makes your customers come to you rather than you go after them. Be it social media content or articles, businesses are increasingly relying on captivating content to get the ‘pull’ factor for their brand.

And this is why content writers are needed to develop a ‘wow’ kind of article. Well, it was more of the smart work than the writing work. But then how to get the best of the write-up? How to get your content heard out? How should it mark its powerful online presence? Here are the tips to make your writing effective and make it stand out of the crowd:

  1. Headings matter…a lot

Whenever you are on the search for something online you get to view catchy headings like ‘Things you never knew but existed,’ ‘Things you have being doing wrong all your life’ or the simple adjectives-based headings in an article.

It is these headings which prompt you within to at least try and click on the link. These are nothing but a clickbait from the people engaged in the article writing services. They just know the right topic which will garner attention, get the ‘most searched keyword’ award to itself. So try to make the heading to be appealing.

  1. Get to the point and stay on it

This is another mistake in article writing. The content just does not sync with the headline, and readers have to wait and wait. A good expert in content writing for SEO will vouch that it is best to get to the point within 1st 2-3 sentences and stay on a central idea throughout.


  1. Divide (the content) and rule

This is just not an idea by the Britishers, but a golden rule for effective writing. If you are in the article writing service, you must know that the reader won’t go on to read every line just because it is there.

So divide your write up into pointers, smaller paragraphs with some sub-headings. It makes the content interesting to read and lets the readers find the exact information they are looking for. This way, readers stay on the article post for longer and are prompted to check back later due to the helpful layout of the content.

  1. Go by the trend

No matter how repeatedly has a topic or phrase or content been in use, if it is trending, professional content writers will use it in the articles and readers will be sure to consume the same.

Be it business, economy, fashion, or entertainment, it makes sense to cover trending topics without losing relevance of your business industry.

  1. Know Your Customer Persona

Professionals in article writing service keep in mind who they are writing for. Knowing the buyer persona will help you as writers to focus on the customer when generating content.

Knowing about the target audience demographics, company, goals, roles, challenges, and behavior patterns among other vital questions will help the marketing team target the potential leads better via well-articulated article content.

  1. Simplicity still rules

Professional content writers sometimes write articles which showcase their vocabulary, grammar and language proficiency. But what’s the point if the reader doesn’t understand it?

Your content needs to resonate with a wider audience. Even a low-literacy person needs to remain holed with great content that he/ she can understand well.

  1. Maintain a smooth and cohesive flow

Even when you get all the above-mentioned tips in article writing, you may not be able to link the paragraphs well. Every ending line and the starting line must make some connections so that the flow from one paragraph to another is smooth.

It shouldn’t appear as if random paragraphs are stuck in one go. Cohesiveness has to be maintained as it increases the stay time of the reader.

  1. Authenticity matters

Imagine you are reading something online, and facts mentioned on another website proves your content to be wrong or incorrect. It immediately impacts the credibility out of your website and content in a negative way.

If you need to propel to be the best article writing services in India, you need to research well for your topic.  In case you are taking references, statistics, or figures from another site, make sure to cite the sources.

To sign off

These tips are sure to augment the impact your content has on your client’s online bottom lines. Happy writing and make a solid mark in your expertise in content writing for SEO!

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